Traducción de fielder en español:


fildeador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfildər/ /ˈfiːldə/


  • 1

    (in cricket, baseball)
    fildeador masculino
    fildeadora femenino
    • Both are predominantly top order batsmen, but they are both off-spin bowlers and exceptional fielders as well.
    • Batsmen attack, fielders dive and slide, bowlers use reverse swing and mystery balls.
    • The bowlers and fielders were quick to remind the other batsmen of their incompetence to bat at this level.
    • Murali was laughing, the close fielders and the wicketkeeper were laughing too.
    • Like Greg, he was a right-handed batsman, a superb slip fielder and occasional leg-spin bowler.
    • Umpires must keep their eyes on fielders who intentionally drop line drives to create double plays.
    • The fielder on the mid-wicket boundary did not have time to move.
    • However, every captain is first a player - be it a batsman, bowler, or a fielder.
    • Ground balls keep the fielders ready and make the games go faster.
    • The umpires make the determination as to whether or not a fielder intentionally drops a fly ball.
    • He's been a superb fielder and a more than useful offspin bowler.
    • I would restore the old baseball custom of allowing fielders to leave their gloves on the field between innings.
    • While India has the stronger batting line-up, Pakistan has good bowlers and fielders.
    • Unlike at Lord's, this time the England close fielders remembered to ask the batsman if he was all right.
    • Right fielder Melvin Mora and second baseman Jose Morban both thought the other one would catch it.
    • Thinking themselves unbeatable, the Australians claim they fear no batsman, bowler nor fielder.
    • Not only was he a commanding batsman, but was an outstanding fielder.
    • He was an excellent fielder, particularly in the covers, and a decent bowler of leg breaks.
    • Even then the gloom was such that the scoreboard shone like Piccadilly Circus on a wet night while both batsmen and fielders needed radar to sight the ball.
    • I was wondering about fielders leaving their gloves on the field while their team was batting.