Translation of fifth wheel in Spanish:

fifth wheel

rueda de repuesto, n.


  • 1

    rueda de repuesto feminine
    rueda de recambio feminine Spain
    llanta de repuesto feminine Colombia
    llanta de refacción feminine Mexico
    auxiliar feminine River Plate
    to feel like a fifth wheel sentirse de más
    • Though they tried to include me in their activities I generally declined their invitations not wanting to be a third wheel or a fifth wheel or a seventh wheel.
    • I was now the fifth wheel, and I hated being the fifth wheel.
    • I grew tired of being the fifth wheel so I got up and went into my room to study.
    • Oh come on, we still need to find out who the fifth wheel is.
    • I remembered The Duo hardly ever had double dates together, since Devon and Jemma thought I would feel left out if I was not invited, and I would be the fifth wheel if I joined.
    • Armed with a meat and cheese tray and some chips and dip, she was determined to make it through the day, however, even if it meant being a fifth wheel and having to see Nolan and Kari together.
    • Socially, I don't think it's impacted me - my friends are good about not making me the fifth wheel, it's not keeping me from jobs or anything.
    • Whenever I go out with my friends, I feel like the fifth wheel.
    • I felt like a fifth wheel and I hated it, but I didn't say anything.
    • In 1959, when he died, Bloch's work was pretty much a fifth wheel in the wider classical-music world.
    • Josh, his date, Jessica, Mary and Jason all went as a group of friends, but the whole night Jessica felt like the fifth wheel.
    • We were at the mall and I was trailing behind the two couples going in and out of the conversation and feeling very much like a fifth wheel.
    • Months of double dates with me as the fifth wheel flashed before my eyes.
    • Judge George Hatch always felt like a fifth wheel when he was invited to join his four friends.
    • It was nice to feel like we were a part of the program instead of a fifth wheel and a pain in the neck.
    • I was always the third wheel - or rather, fifth wheel.
    • Chris had remarried, and Gill felt like a fifth wheel while living with him, his new wife, and his two stepchildren.
    • As a bloke in the delivery suite, you always feel like a fifth wheel anyway.
    • I could have gone by myself, but it wouldn't have been a smart thing to do because two couples and the fifth wheel usually don't work out too well to begin with.
    • Don't they become fifth wheels, spinning pointlessly in relation to the processes responsible for human action?