Translation of fighter in Spanish:


boxeador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfaɪdər/ /ˈfʌɪtə/

Definition of boxeador in Spanish


  • 1

    (boxer) boxeador masculine
    (boxer) púgil masculine
    (boxer) pugilista masculine
    luchador masculine
    luchadora feminine
    she's a born fighter es una luchadora nata
    • She knew how easy it would be for him to just die right then and there, but she also knew he was a determined fighter.
    • I'm quite a fighter but when depression hits it is really, really difficult.
    • I am sure he is enjoying this season more than last season because Michael is a fighter, and fighters need competition.
    • For that alone we bear those fighters of eight decades ago a debt.
    • Like Seabiscuit, all three men are fighters, and the horse with heart appeals to their spirit.
    • He is both a slapstick character and a strong fighter.
    • Boxing has been through periods when it seems all the top fighters are ducking each other, but this isn't one of those periods.
    • The fighters are grappling on the floor, tearing at each other, screaming abuse and growling like animals.
    • The former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world has more often been termed not a boxer, but a fighter.
    • Sometimes a fighter competing at home feels more pressure than the opponent dealing with the hostile crowd.
    • The character of the young fighter is played quite wonderfully by Lucy McLellan.
    • The lion was normally a competent fighter, but he had been taken totally off-guard.
    • As well as being competent fighters, they were trained to use their magic to block magic in others.
    • For that reason many fighters ducked him, and full credit to Mosley for taking the chance.
    • It would be a jabbing contest with both fighters almost a mirror of one another.
    • There was a loud explosion sound and it sent the two fighters flying backwards down the hall.
    • We're brought up to think of boxing as a fair contest because the fighters weigh the same.
    • He had not seen his beloved daughter in the mess of blood-splattered fighters.
    • It had been a large contest of fighters from all over to see who truly was the greatest fighter.
    • He was without a doubt one of the most exciting fighters to watch during this time period.
    • It meant something to be the champ to all four fighters and none of them took the easy way out.
    • Ten minutes later Robert had nearly beaten one of the toughest aquatic fighters in the world.
    • Fourteen of his other victims could not stand the brutal mauling by the fighter nicknamed the Slashing Tiger.
    • The referee turned one last time to face the last competitor, the dark fighter from before.
    • Here's the reality check; Sugar Ray Robinson is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the history of the sport.
    • We passed a checkpoint manned by opposition fighters and dozens of Jeeps packed with soldiers.
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    Aviation Military
    caza masculine
    avión de combate masculine
    • However, it was the fighter aircraft that was to really suffer from this policy.
    • Similarly, the commander of a fighter squadron must be a credible fighter pilot.
    • It had the most advanced fighter and bomber aircraft and the best trained crews.
    • In his flight suit, flight cap and dark sunglasses, he was the classic picture of a fighter pilot.
    • The fighter pilots don't need to see the smugglers to mark them with their radar.
    • An aircraft can be designed as a fighter plane or a jumbo jet.
    • She flew through a building that had a hole in it and lost the fighter squadron that was attacking her.
    • His fighter group transitioned to escort duty after acquiring the new aircraft.
    • Five fighters and two bombers were assigned a mission to drop propaganda leaflets on the city.
    • His painting decorated the noses of many fighters and bombers during World War Two.
    • This information would give the Royal Air Force an early warning of an attack by enemy fighters.
    • If you're Uncle Sam, do you want this character flying your expensive fighter jets?
    • Low-flying fighter and fighter-bomber training goes on all the time over the Highlands.
    • It looked like a bomber group had gone off course, because there looked to be no fighters to contend with.
    • He climbed up the ladder and looked proudly upon small fighters flying in and out of the docking bay.
    • Jack then flipped on a small screen and watched the enemy fighters bear down on the Lexington.
    • He went to sleep listening to fighters flying back and forth overhead.
    • Earlier the same day another pilot from the base had flown the same fighter and had not encountered any problems.
    • After a minute of flying, their fighters suddenly turned the opposite direction.
    • Despite the fact he was flying a Republic fighter he still didn't truly feel he'd have a chance.