Translation of figure in Spanish:


cifra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪɡjər/ /ˈfɪɡə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(digit)

      cifra feminine
      guarismo masculine formal
      número masculine
      a three-figure number un número de tres cifras
      • add together this column of figures suma esta columna de números
      • inflation is now into double figures la inflación pasa del 10%
      • her salary is well into six figures gana bastante más de 100.000 (dólares)
      • Lucian drew a sideways figure 8 in the air beside Mark.
      • Millar is preparing for the opening time trial wearing a number that ends with a figure 1.

    • 1.2(amount, price)

      cifra feminine
      I had a rather higher figure in mind yo había pensado en una cifra / cantidad algo mayor
      • she's good at figures es buena para las matemáticas
      • recent figures show that … estadísticas / datos recientes muestran que …
      • In the 18 months since the meters were introduced, they had not even managed to bring in half of the break-even figure of about £4,500.
      • Within the letter, the figure of ‘$500,000 a year’ is noted repeatedly.
      • The gross for the final session was up 14.2% over last year's figure of $1,160,500.

  • 2

    • 2.1(person)

      figura feminine
      a public figure un personaje público
      • he's looking for a mother figure está buscando una figura materna
      • She squinted suddenly at what appeared to be two figures in the distance.
      • A dark figure emerged from one side of the street and another from the other side.
      • She screamed even louder when the door suddenly opened and a dark figure suddenly appeared.
      • The three survivors stood in silence as a lone figure appeared in the dark shadows of the doorway.
      • The streets were dark and all but deserted; we only saw two figures off in the distance in the dim streets.
      • As Stefansson made his way across the ice and snow, he saw figures in the distance approaching him.
      • I saw a figure in the distance walking with a pronounced limp.
      • Elizabeth looked up and past Jesse, seeing a tall dark figure appear from the elevator.
      • There was no one nearby but she saw figures running in the distance.
      • By the time the dust died down, they were but four figures on the distant horizon.
      • Derick looked up to see a shadowy, cloaked figure.
      • Through the blur of the falling rain, Tracy notices a hooded figure dressed in black.
      • Bryony spotted the lone figure emerging from the water, the current lapping at his body.
      • As she rode out of the woods she noticed a lone figure sitting on the white fence near the stable.
      • Mark's heart was pounding as a hooded figure appeared in front of him.
      • As Dan turned, the slim figure hurled him bodily against the far wall.
      • In an answer to her question, Rena saw a cloaked figure standing before her.
      • A shadowy, hooded figure emerged from the forest and approached me.
      • When I did awake I noticed a shadowy figure standing over me.
      • Occasionally, we spot a lone figure emerging on the horizon.

    • 2.2(human shape, outline)

      figura feminine
      she's a fine figure of a woman es una mujer de buena planta
      • He couldn't sleep at night, only thinking of her slim and attractive figure with a good-natured mind.
      • The pants really flattered her figure.
      • She will be proud to show her figure as she will pose in sexy lingerie of her choice.
      • Sally can offer advice on colours and what shapes suit your figure.
      • For artists, the beauty and complexity of the human figure is the prime impetus for painting it.
      • It may seem obvious, but when the human figure is portrayed in art, it is either clothed or naked.
      • She does not dress scantily when exercising, even though she has an attractive figure.
      • Amy's figure was very slim, with long legs, arms, and a slender neck.
      • The girls were fashionably attired but not overdressed, with attractive figures and lovely faces.
      • At 82, he remains a tall, dashing figure and a serious charmer.
      • It's good mentally because you have to be alert the whole time and it's great physically because it really keeps your figure in trim.
      • She looks ravishing, with an hourglass figure that is beyond comprehension.

    • 2.3(body shape)

      figura feminine
      tipo masculine
      she's got a very good figure tiene una figura estupenda / un tipo estupendo
      • they sell clothes for the fuller figure venden ropa en tallas grandes

  • 3

    Art Music figura feminine
    Mathematics figura feminine
    (solid) cuerpo masculine
    • In particular he proved that the sphere was the solid figure of greatest surface area for a given volume.
    • Now if you thought these lines referred to geometric figures, you would not be too far wrong.
    • He observed that ideas of shapes or figures, like the triangle, were ideas of things he had not invented or conjured up.
    • Odd shapes and geometric figures swam in and out of Dawn's consciousness.
    • The simplest way to look at it is this: actually, neither of the two larger figures shown are triangles.
    • Their textures are dominated by right-hand melodies against chordal accompaniment figures.
    • Melodic figures are treated circularly, giving the piece a minimalist sound.
    • Every melodic figure had its replica, every phrase, its counterpoise in his music.
    • Warm melodic figures are juxtaposed with harsher percussive patterns, setting up some fascinating contrasts in sound.
    • When the broad flowing melody is allowed to return, that is eventually interrupted with a striking five note figure for muted brass.
    • Small clay figures, human and animal, were modelled and placed as offerings on mountain peak sanctuaries.
    • The modeling and outline of the figures showed sculptural solidity.
    • Sumida pottery is a heavy, brightly glazed pottery and often has human and animal figures attached as reliefs.
    • It contains twenty-eight tapestries, 118 sculpted figures and forty-one paintings.
    • His human and animal figures, reduced to mounds, slabs and tubes, possess a quiet grace.
    • Painter John Wesley is known for his flatly painted, cartoonish canvases of figures and animals.
    • The figures lack the sculptural quality of those in the Asnieres painting.
    • The sculptures are mainly human and animal figures, although one is based on cartoon character Shrek.
    • Surrealistic and abstract human figures instead dominate his oil paintings.
    • Although Monet mostly painted nature scenes, he sometimes included human figures in his paintings.
    • Like Manet, Degas painted figures in the studio rather than outdoors.
    • His pursuit of beauty continues to this day, as he quietly goes about his daily tasks of carving stone sculptures and casting concrete figures.
    • But Ghirlandaio does not depict busts or statues, his figures are shown as though alive within an illusionistic setting.
    • As a child, he had sculpted small animal figures from riverbank clay.
    • The sculpture consists of two figures facing one another, the one on the left male, and the one on the right female.
    • His other sculptures are figures of saints, the Holy Virgin, Christ and of ordinary people.
    • Those with painting skills display their talent by drawing eye-catching figures in attractive hues.
    • For 18 years, he ferried pieces of junk and debris on his bicycle to the municipal site and worked by night to shape the figures.
    • The presence of the shadow-like figures in each of her canvases only serves as a suggestion to set her mind on capturing the movement and rhythm.
    • For, in his frames, there is always the presence of figures blending into each other - forever in a rush to complement each other.
  • 4

    (diagram, illustration)
    figura feminine
    • The book utilizes tables and figures effectively to illustrate the main concepts of each chapter.
    • The text is well illustrated with excellent diagrams, sketches and figures.
    • The data from each plate were then graphed and analyzed (Figure 1A).
    • Lesions are often associated with main leaf veins (Figure 2A and 2B).
    • Figure 1b shows the results obtained for = 0.001 with the swap step.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    his name doesn't figure on this list su nombre no figura en esta lista
    • to figure prominently destacarse
    • this theme figures largely in her work este tema ocupa un lugar prominente en su obra
    • Now, however, imagine her rescue figuring on the nightly analysis slot of some channel.
    • The Clark holdings played no small part in these events; they also figured prominently in the critical counterpunch.
    • It feels as if Haentjens has things to say about Plath that don't figure in this novel.
    • This is a subway stop that just doesn't figure in the mythology of New York.
    • The state of the economy and of the overall battle against terrorism should also figure in a major way.
    • How well you handle them will figure in any estimate of your future potential.
    • Here we are confronted with the first of many social dilemmas which are to figure in the young Carver's life.
    • Women's boxing is yet to figure in the Olympics but is gaining ground.
    • Although they will not get all that they want, there were signs last night that the issue will figure in the summit's final action plan.
    • Figures due out on November 21 might be instructive but a merger deal is not thought likely to figure in the statement.
    • But pressure is integral to F1 and fear has failed to figure in the careers of either driver.
    • Scotland may figure in the government's compromise deal, though not for the right reasons.
    • Political parties have always figured prominently in Congress since the earliest days of the American Republic.
    • This scandal has even figured in the American presidential election.
    • Not surprisingly, race figured prominently in the cases in the 1994 study.
    • In the ensuing decade, Performance has regularly figured in lists of the best British films.
    • Scarborough will have the same squad on duty at Rushden tomorrow as the one that figured in the 1-0 defeat of Altrincham on Wednesday.
    • The Connemara Market at Palayam, a village market-place under a tree and even a modern market figured among the paintings.
    • Class interest barely figures in the totalitarian approach.
  • 2 informal

    (make sense)
    it just doesn't figure no me lo explico
    • they're getting divorced — that figures! se van a divorciar — ¡no me extraña nada!
    • He figured this person would make an excellent singer.
    • Investors figure that the purchaser will pay a high price for the company.
    • I stood up, walked around, drank some water and figured it was just a passing phase.
    • They figure that the more control they have over applications, the more they'll be able to charge.
    • I'd done it a few times, but figured the money wasn't really worth it.
    • But I figured the only people who were reading my blog when I wrote these were Maccers and Snowy, so I might get away with it.
    • I figured this idea could make me a millionaire, but it looks like someone beat me to it.
    • I figure that if I stand around and look helpless, someone will at least offer to buy me a drink.
    • It's not exactly revelatory information, but I figured someone out there might find it useful.
    • I figured the radical transformation of the world's energy supply would be of personal interest to them.
    • I figured this last revelation would give him something to think about, but he barely flinched.
    • I figured people might be getting bored of reading about me all the time
    • Wiley figured the water level must have risen from all the rain they had received the day before.
    • From the sound of his voice I figured the person who walked in was young.
    • Sighing heavily, Joan figured this conversation had gone on long enough.
    • I figured people would be asking that question, but what you see in the movie is kind of our take on that.
    • Miriam left for school an hour early because she figured the peace protesters would make it hard to get to class.
    • There were actually a lot of people outside, which was weird since it was a Saturday and I figured people were tired.
    • By the time he got downstairs it had stopped ringing but he figured the person might still be there.
    • They figured most people would go there at one point.
    • That figured and didn't surprise him, though he wished Harry would just have a normal conversation instead of locking him in a room.
    • It would figure that this great hog, this glorified genre gourmand, would want more.
    • Sure, that figures, if you're going to drive with that kind of load at high speed you're bound to damage something.
    • Given the turmoil in the auction world, it figures that the firm would be looking for new, larger quarters.

transitive verb

  • 1

    I figure it'll take us two hours me figuro que / digo yo / calculo que tardaremos dos horas
    • she figured it was her only chance calculó que era su única oportunidad