Translation of file cabinet in Spanish:

file cabinet

archivador, n.


  • 1

    (in US)
    archivador masculine
    kárdex masculine
    archivero masculine Mexico
    • There was desk, a file cabinet, two chairs and a computer.
    • Next to the desk sat a file cabinet.
    • Sarah's boss sat at his large cedar desk, an open file cabinet was at its side.
    • He pulled out a chair for her and went to the file cabinet and flipped through the files until he found hers
    • Disgusted with the way things were going, Adam jumped up from his seat and snatched the restroom pass off the file cabinet before heading out into the hall.
    • Brent frowned, and turned his chair around, reaching into his file cabinet behind him for some papers.
    • Until I crawled under his desk to see if maybe he dropped it behind his file cabinet.
    • She looked up from her file cabinet and gestured towards the cabinet with a slim hand.
    • ‘Probably had something to do with being forced to spend time with you,’ John replied lightly before shoving some papers into a file cabinet.
    • ‘Oh yes,’ She opened a file cabinet, reached inside, took out a massive folder, and slapped it on the marble countertop.
    • Royer said after the roof was fixed he would sneak down to Benson's office, hide behind a file cabinet and shoot him with a water pistol making Mr. Benson think the roof was still leaking.
    • Being asked why the shredders were operating late at night may be embarrassing, but it's better than having a file cabinet full of intact documents that makes the answer obvious.
    • That's true; life-and-death decisions are still made without access to relevant patient records that are often locked in a file cabinet down the hall.
    • When I returned to my home after the fire, the file cabinet was blackened and the metal handles were melted; however, the questionnaires were intact.
    • I put them in an old file cabinet, closed the door.
    • The office records were such that by taking the two-drawer file cabinet, all information on current and coming participants was available.
    • But directly in front of me was a file cabinet that had layers of things sitting on it (yes, including the squares).
    • Then he pulled a file cabinet away from the wall.
    • Inside the file cabinet was a collection of tapes.
    • Ginger stood up and walked over to a file cabinet.