Translation of file card in Spanish:

file card

ficha, n.

See Spanish definition of ficha


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    ficha feminine
    • In the library's early decades, people could only leaf through drawers of file cards.
    • Throughout his life, Hoffer would also copy onto file cards quotations from whatever he was reading.
    • A file card system took up an entire wall.
    • Each file card created by the researchers was entered into a customized Microsoft Access database.
    • His whole life was a series of projects, documented in drawings, notebooks, paintings and file cards.
    • For a while I also kept a "Sunset Box" full of descriptions of each sunset on a file card.
    • The essential features of each trial were reduced to one, and sometimes several, three by five file cards.
    • You can use file cards to write down any important parts of your talk that you think you'd forget otherwise, such as long quotes.
    • Her file card even lists her present status as missing, which is pretty odd.
    • Write down how to do these tasks on file cards and distribute them to everyone.