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filing cabinet

archivador, n.

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    archivador masculino
    kárdex masculino
    archivero masculino México
    • In this day and age, managing program data and documents with folders, binders and filing cabinets is not effective.
    • I glanced across the office and noticed that the second drawer of her filing cabinet was open.
    • ‘Hold on,’ the Major said, pushing his wheeled chair back to one of the many filing cabinets in the office.
    • Desks, computers, and filing cabinets fill the second-floor office space.
    • More art dressed the walls, dark mahogany desk and furniture, and the filing cabinets sat behind the door.
    • I spent most of the night rummaging through desk drawers and sifting through filing cabinets.
    • He was sitting at his desk and there was a bookshelf and drawers in a filing cabinet.
    • Since the inception of the U.S. court system, this information has laid buried deep within paper filing cabinets in courts across the country.
    • That, in turn, limits a tenant's down time and economic losses relating to computers, filing cabinets and furniture.
    • Wheels hang from every inch of the rafters, and donated bike parts are stashed in metal filing cabinets that rattle on the uneven flooring.
    • The items, which included chairs, desks and filing cabinets, would probably have gone to waste if staff hadn't stepped in.
    • He was standing in front of one of the many filing cabinets in his office.
    • Open shelf units, closed cupboards and filing cabinets complementing the desks are available.
    • I think it might be time to buy one of those two drawer filing cabinets we've been looking at.
    • So it's less like a greenhouse and more like a vast filing cabinet, a filing cabinet large enough to walk around in.
    • Invest in a filing cabinet and file folders and label, placing the stacks in the appropriate folders.
    • It was with some relief that we saw that one of the drawers of the filing cabinet had jammed.
    • In a manual system, this information resides in folders, binders, and filing cabinets, making it difficult to access and maintain.
    • A drab room with some filing cabinets, a chair and desk covered in blank papers were the only thing in sight.
    • I found myself in a hallway that had been blocked off with filing cabinets, chairs, and desks.