Traducción de filing clerk en español:

filing clerk

administrativo, n.

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  • 1

    (encargado de archivar) administrativo masculino
    (encargado de archivar) administrativa femenino
    archivero masculino anticuado
    archivera femenino anticuado
    • His mistress was a filing clerk there who had access to secret documents.
    • They sometimes find the lowest paid filing clerk to have more basic intelligence than the highest paid executive.
    • Rosemond's jobs have included stints as a filing clerk and at a Fenway souvenir store.
    • She started work as a filing clerk, working her way up to office manager by 1982.
    • Good, dedicated filing clerks are as rare as hen's teeth.
    • Filing clerks and receptionists will be among hundreds of civil servants who will man border controls during the Olympics.
    • His nimble fingers make him ideally suited for a job as a filing clerk.
    • The army of typists, filing clerks, cashiers, storekeepers, and drivers had a low level of education and were imbued with an ethos of red tape.
    • I began my career back in the early nineties as filing clerk and general gopher at Camera Press.
    • Mom found some work downtown as a filing clerk, and Dad almost got that promotion.