Translation of filler cap in Spanish:

filler cap

tapa del depósito de la gasolina, n.


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    tapa del depósito de la gasolina feminine
    tapa del tanque de nafta feminine River Plate
    • On the outside, all it lacks is a pair of running boards - chrome is again used to stunning effect on the wheels, door handles, filler cap and exhaust tail pipe, while bumpers and side mouldings are body-coloured.
    • The petrol filler cap was smashed on arrival, so I've emailed the vendor to see if a replacement can be provided.
    • Inside the boot is the lever for opening the fuel filler cap.
    • The new tanks will be part of Visteon's aggressive fuel-systems-supply strategy, aimed at providing everything from the filler cap to the injector.
    • In practice no-one does, of course, so that's a few free litres for the staff - significant in a country where siphoning petrol from each others’ cars is so commonplace that I met one guy who'd re-positioned his filler cap inside the boot!
    • However, we have fuel venting overboard through the filler cap on the right external tank.
    • Brimming - the practice of filling the tank to the very top and then not ensuring that it is securely fastened with a proper filler cap - almost inevitably results in a diesel spill.
    • The Merc runs on compressed hydrogen and has a valve where the filler cap would normally be.
    • The maintenance team failed to follow proper procedures outlined in the loading manual, which required them to open the filler cap and to visually check the fuel level.
    • To get the explosive material out of the reservoir, use a diamond-tipped drill bit to get through the filler cap.
    • Two-wheel drive LX models have a differential-lock, remote fuel filler cap and all LX versions come with a standard tow hitch.
    • Other features include automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers, tyre pressure monitoring, integrated F1-style fuel filler cap, anti-lock braking, electronic stability, and traction control as well as understeer control.
    • A small badge on the boot lid and a second smaller filler cap are the only outward signs of the different fuel sources and inside the only clue is the small rocker switch near the gear lever which controls the fuel source.
    • The first is for the power lead for the pump, the second is the filler hole (complete with filler cap to help prevent evaporation) with the other 2 for the inlet and outlets pipes.
    • Featuring front and rear sports skirts, a double exhaust, light alloy wheels fitted with 17’ tyres, aluminium effect roof bars and GT-style fuel filler cap, the 206 SW looks built for performance and style.
    • Manufacturers could help too by colouring the filler caps of vehicles.
    • Although all of us know how to use the fuel filler cap, it is actually more complicated than it looks.
    • The next step is to attach the original filler cap back on the car.