Translation of filling station in Spanish:

filling station


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    • She was a dinner lady at a school, she covered tennis balls at home, she filled motor cars with petrol at filling stations.
    • Whilst I acknowledge that petrol filling stations are found in the countryside, they are not, in my opinion, development for which it is normally essential to have a countryside location.
    • More than 10,000 leaflets setting out the legal requirements and advice for drivers have been distributed to police stations, petrol filling stations and health clinics.
    • These are quite popular in Britain where they accommodate drive-through restaurants, petrol filling stations, large food courts and hotels.
    • That was followed by two robberies from two petrol filling stations where money was taken from a safe, and in another case from a young attendant who was serving petrol.
    • It resembles the anaemic and pathetic banners you see fluttering in rows outside petrol filling stations, superstores, and McDonald's.
    • The government offered 15 petrol filling stations for sale by tender in the 12 months ended March 2004.
    • Organic vapour production is experienced, for example, at filling stations, where obnoxious petrol odours are usually prevalent.
    • These are no ordinary shops or shopping malls on sprawling compounds, but outlets on the premises of petrol filling stations.
    • He said as an independent company he was not able to compete with supermarkets or other petrol filling stations that are part of a large chain.
    • Unlike the previous week, there is some flow of both diesel and petrol at some filling stations.
    • The petrol filling station will operate 24 hours a day and will include a 4,500 sqft convenience store, and a jet and rollover car wash.
    • Adjoining the pub is a former filling station with diesel and petrol pumps and overhead canopy.
    • There were long queues, which caused traffic chaos, outside filling stations today as motorists desperately tried to fill their tanks.
    • Long queues developed outside filling stations, with motorists desperate that their vehicles might run dry - and with good reason.
    • Britons love a bit of good old adversity to cheer in the face of, and seeing queues forming at filling stations, motorists have been unable to resist joining them.
    • There would be industrial, distribution and office uses, leisure, hotel and restaurant services, and a filling station.
    • Mr Davies says that 14,000 people make this mistake at filling stations every year - either putting petrol into diesel-fuelled cars or diesel into petrol engines.
    • Prices for fuel more than doubled on Friday as filling stations disconnected pumps to prevent looting.
    • I know people who were turned down for a job in a filling station.