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film buff

cinéfilo, n.

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    cinéfilo masculino
    cinéfila femenino
    • The trailer is an entertaining bit of history, nice for any film buff to have on hand.
    • Film buffs will also enjoy the experience of seeing one of the last two-strip Technicolor silent films.
    • For film buffs, this is an important look into the development of a well-known director.
    • Ask people to name a contemporary screenwriter and even some of the most ardent film buffs might be left scratching their heads.
    • I know that the majority of film buffs will find this to be complete drivel.
    • I was so much looking forward to this film because, of course, I'm a big film buff too.
    • Die-hard Hepburn fans and film buffs may want to check this disc out, others needn't bother.
    • Being the film buff I am, I should have known better than to trust the trailers as a beacon of accuracy.
    • Every film buff knows his name, but he needs more leading roles and less time as a support actor.