Traducción de film festival en español:

film festival

festival cinematográfico, n.


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    festival cinematográfico masculino
    festival de cine masculino
    • In 1954, Pickup on South Street was awarded the top prize at the Venice film festival.
    • Significantly, she was also being called upon to sit on judging panels at international film festivals.
    • Every film festival season has a no-budget film that rises to prominence.
    • Its Roman amphitheatre seats 5,000 for concerts and the annual film festival.
    • Molly and Mobarak has also been launched on the international film festival circuit starting with Toronto.
    • He goes to book signings and film festivals and is being invited to teach classes.
    • When you think French film festival, you automatically think Cannes or even Deauville.
    • After attending a few of these film festivals, one begins to recognize and interpret certain tell-tale signs.
    • He's a film festival favourite and Canada's oddest, most original director.
    • The films were screened at film festivals at each of the sites and were attended by large numbers from the community.