Translation of filmstrip in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪlmˌstrɪp/ /ˈfɪlmstrɪp/


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    película o serie de filminas para proyección fija
    • I remember the day we watched the Color Filmstrip, a filmstrip about all the colors.
    • The film is heavily filtered in post-production to give it an aged, scratched, and worn appearance, like an old filmstrip on its last legs.
    • Now cast adrift from their former contexts, these filmstrips still manage to reveal the disarming forcefulness of America's once official culture, with its ubiquitously familiar, authoritarian and paternalistic voice-overs.
    • It's pretty old, with every visual flaw and audio glitch imaginable - think of those strange educational filmstrips you had to watch in junior high, with the scratches and warbly sound, and you'll get the idea.
    • Recalling the filmstrips from grade school that ‘beeped’ every time the frame needed advancing, this is a witty bit of retro throwback that's clever and cutting at the same time.
    • To illustrate this point Laura Mulvey showed a filmstrip from a 1929 film.
    • Playful and informative, it is somewhat reminiscent of Disney educational filmstrips.
    • In the government class, we watched a lot of filmstrips and movies.
    • In one grouping, each original image appears to be repeated in a three-frame series still bordered by the telltale edging of the 8mm filmstrip.
    • Simplicity of use is another plus here because its just a matter of popping in a filmstrip of a mounted slide into the film frame, which you're able to see being scanned in the proprietary lighting viewing window.
    • An accompanying set of 12 photographic wall charts, models and a filmstrip were provided when the film was hired for showing in schools.
    • One set of illustrations was used initially in conjunction with a CBC film project; later, additional images were created for a filmstrip.
    • This is a very strange piece of film, as it plays like a 1964 school filmstrip informing the viewer on man's senses and how he uses them.
    • Gone from the center are the 16 mm film projectors, filmstrip projectors and all but one video editing machine of yesteryear.
    • They did show four filmstrips in all, but they were boring.
    • The tributes are made of colorful filmstrips that have adhesive on the back.
    • Remarkable, too, are the long, narrow proportions of the painting, resembling a filmstrip that we scan from left to right, slowly perusing each of three vignettes.
    • Each year, I begin the study of Asian painting with a sound filmstrip that outlines basics such as its origins and history, styles, subject matter and materials.
    • Sometimes you realize what's happening, but usually you don't, cause you're too blinded by the flashing lights of the filmstrip.
    • Think now of a filmstrip that records an erratic distribution of the balls on a pool table, and then shows the balls contracting into a regular triangle.