Translation of filmy in Spanish:


vaporoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪlmi/

Definition of vaporoso in Spanish

adjective filmier, filmiest

  • 1

    (fabric/garment) vaporoso
    (layer/membrane) pelicular
    • The tears were still fresh in her eyes, balancing delicately as they rippled across her eyes, filmy and scared.
    • He consumed an amazing amount of filmy fabric in the process of manipulating the sheer material into a richly textured garment.
    • They balance tall bamboo poles draped in filmy fabrics.
    • Maxine laughed and touched the filmy fabric of a sleeve.
    • She glanced up when she had nearly finished, and saw his eyes pinned on her calves, the shadows of which could be seen through the filmy linen shift she wore.
    • Actually, I do like the delicate, filmy white square edged in yellow with an M embroidered in one corner.
    • The sleeves were made of a filmy, translucent red material, so insubstantial that it was almost not there.
    • Last week, I slurped down filmy, translucent rice noodles and sang a song of fish sauce, but today I'm trading Southeast Asia for China.
    • Vibrant prints, block colours, searing white and filmy ice-cream shades will all feature heavily in the summer.
    • The room was lined with windows, and filmy white curtains fluttered in the breeze.
    • But when I walked through and under them, the fabric looked heavy and inert, more like drapes than filmy wind-yielding robes.
    • I pick out a simple outfit, a black, short-sleeved top and pants with a filmy, see-through skirt over that and a gem-studded silver belt to go around my hips and hold my bag of gems.
    • For the first time Ian notices that she's wearing nothing but a silk nightgown, so thin and filmy that it looks like gold paint brushed over her body.
    • She had dressed for the occasion in a cascade of something filmy and see-through and spoke in a lilting middle-English.
    • In the filmy light of a city morning he looked ashen and old.
    • The dress was light and filmy, perfect for the hot weather.
    • When the powdered something hit the water, a filmy silver light hovered over the rim of the smooth darkened wood of the cup.
    • There was a long slit down each side of the skirt and sewn underneath was shimmering, filmy gold material.
    • The walls were free of torches, and yet a filmy light seeped in from an unknown source.
    • Outside in the moonlight, the white dress moved across the parking lot like a filmy, glittering cloud.
    • The moonlight turned the filmy blue dress hanging from her surprisingly petite shoulders nearly transparent, silhouetting her hour glass form against the material.