Translation of finality in Spanish:


irrevocabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /faɪˈnælədi/ /fəˈnælədi/ /fʌɪˈnalɪti/

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  • 1

    (of decision)
    irrevocabilidad feminine
    carácter definitivo masculine
    out of the question, she said with finality —ni pensarlo —dijo de modo tajante / terminante
    • Even though a dreadful sense of finality pummelled him and threatened to bring back the depression that had barely nagged him for many years, he kept walking.
    • The finality of death of a young man with glowing prospects for success is a shattering blow indeed.
    • The finality of death that you might want to give to criminals would be just as final on the falsely accused.
    • For the 777 students who sat the country's toughest exam, the walk down the corridor to receive their results had a definite air of finality.
    • Completeness and potential finality of injury to reality are the dangers that arise out of contemporary fact manipulation.
    • Capital punishment makes people uneasy because of its absolute finality.
    • This general trajectory of life moves from the fluidity and possibility associated with birth to the stillness and finality of death and ancestorhood.
    • For the time being, the thrill of the long awaited freedom was eclipsed by the finality of the fact that we had left those days of camaraderie and school girl simplicity behind us forever.
    • As the faint stars flickered like a thousand tiny candles, a definite sense of finality came over her.
    • Everything seemed so strange, so surreal almost, and yet with a definite air of finality.
    • What modern psychologists dispute about the chrysalis image is the finality it implies.
    • Some blinded veterans recall that doctors did little more than bluntly inform them of the finality of their condition, and ask them if they had any questions.
    • She's a whirlwind of anger and violence, desperate to deny the finality of Rocky's affliction that she knew she would one day have to face.
    • Our moving forward is impeded by the finality of this event, but the memory of these five wonderful people wills us to move forward.
    • At the end, Alex felt there was a certain finality, as if perhaps he'd never see Benny again.
    • For some reason, there seemed to be a particular finality attached to this latest bereavement.
    • Contemporaries were agreed that there was an awesome finality to these events.
    • The door locked with a click that echoed in her ears with a finality that bespoke doom.
    • It wasn't Jake I was nervous about; it was the finality.
    • I'd rather face up to the finality and get on with my life, lonely or not, for as long as it lasts.