Traducción de finally en español:


por último, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈfaɪn(ə)li/ /ˈfʌɪnəli/


  • 1

    por último
    para finalizar
  • 2

    (at last)
    (succeed/finish/arrive) por fin
    (succeed/finish/arrive) finalmente
    he's finally been arrested por fin lo han detenido
    • About an hour later, we finally arrived at the mall and headed to the clothing stores.
    • The long wait for followers of the professional sports car racing series is finally over.
    • When he finally got to relate the details of his adventure, he gave her a paper bag as he spoke.
    • When I finally closed this book I confess to having some sympathy with the Queen Empress.
    • Have they not even considered what will happen to these people when the centre finally closes its doors?
    • The bridge will allow the agency to finally close a controversial gap in the central reservation.
    • This was pretty much the feeling I had when I finally got up close, and went inside.
    • Fifteen jobs were lost at that time and when Acre finally closed this week it was down to just five staff.
    • The editing process has finally come to a close and the film is as good as finished.
    • The happiest day of my life finally draws to a close and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my face.
    • Once it was closed the judge finally looked up from the papers on his desk.
    • I drank it all in, just being there in the almost deserted cafeteria, so close to her finally.
    • As the chatter died at the sudden events, it seemed that things were finally under way.
    • After he had gone on for eons, he finally came to the reason why most in the House were present.
    • The only reason the district council finally repaired them was because of public pressure.
    • The two families met soon after, when Susan was finally introduced to her cousin.
    • The doctor tried to reason with me but finally gave up with a look of exasperation.
    • The only reason I can write this tonight, is because we finally have a day off tomorrow.
    • A couple of weeks ago I finally completed the purchase of a one-bedroom flat in London.
    • She began to doubt Sarah would speak at all, but finally a small, quiet voice broke the silence.