Translation of finance in Spanish:


finanzas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfaɪnæns/ /fəˈnæns/ /ˈfʌɪnans/ /fʌɪˈnans/ /fɪˈnans/

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  • 1

    (banking, business)
    finanzas feminine
    the world of high finance el mundo de las altas finanzas
    • The finance department has also been developed to meet the needs of the bigger merged company.
    • For a book about money, finance and the stock market, those sorts of numbers were previously unheard of.
    • The last few decades have witnessed many innovations in the consumer finance industry.
    • The council of finance ministers cannot depart from the rules laid down by the treaty
    • I am the finance manager of a small consulting company in the aviation industry.
    • Of course, using an advisor will always cost you money - in finance, there's no such thing as a free ride!
    • The resulting entity became known as Kerry Group, and he became its finance director.
    • Offshore finance centres have been subjected to increased criticism over recent years.
    • Law announced ten days ago that the archdiocesan finance council had voted not to approve the deal.
    • I am not fully convinced that the designated finance minister is up to the task and she has a lot to prove still.
    • The corporate finance sector in Ireland will continue to experience a flight to quality.
    • The event is being billed as a must for those raising funding and for those in the corporate finance business.
    • Salaries will remain competitive in the banking, finance and accounting sectors.
    • Whether, say, joint degrees in economics and finance are covered by the data is unknown.
    • The problem stems from a change in the way public finance is handled.
    • The firings will affect all areas, including the company's corporate finance and stockbroking arms.
    • The court argued that someone working in the government finance ministry could not possibly be subject to persecution.
    • I've got our local government finance spokesman, David Cameron, coming up on May 20th.
    • Maybe some kind finance department official could sit him down and explain the fiscal facts of life.
    • "There are mixed signs," said the finance chief of an Irish multinational.
  • 2finances plural

    recursos financieros masculine
    situación financiera feminine
    situación económica feminine
    my finances won't run to a trip to Egypt el estado de mis finanzas no me da para ir a Egipto
  • 3

    financiación feminine
    financiamiento masculine Latin America
    (department) (before noun) de financiación
    Finance Bill proyecto de ley presupuestaria
    • Most of the book makes sense for any old economy business seeking finance from external sources, too.
    • It is easy to find private sector finance for an enterprise that guarantees profits for 25 years.
    • Quite unlike several other areas, finance for housing is said to have a tremendous future.
    • However, the London stock market where it is such a powerful force is dwindling in importance as a source of company finance.
    • The lotto is the club's main source of finance which is the lifeblood of the club's activities.
    • There are three possible sources of finance for a garden to match my delusions of grandeur.
    • He is an incredibly able businessman who has an uncanny ability to tap into all possible sources of finance.
    • It is also important to identify the sources of finance for these projects.
    • A local source of finance is essential if local independence and accountability are to be maintained.
    • In dealing with other potential sources of finance as arranger, the bank is acting as the borrower's agent.
    • Peoples has been supported by a mix of debt and equity finance provided by Bank of Scotland.
    • To date it has been almost impossible to raise small amounts of finance to develop our business in the region.
    • So I may know very little about cars and driving, but I know a fair amount about car finance and insurance!
    • The first part of the puzzle that Doug sold me on was what was going on in mortgage finance.
    • A recurring suggestion for raising finance for urban road projects was to charge for congestion.
    • The fund operates as a lender of last resort for businesses that cannot raise finance from another source.
    • Nor has the bank any specific bargaining leverage, assuming Lincoln can obtain finance from an alternative source.
    • Now, the massive pool of global speculative finance has its sights on myriad markets and asset classes.
    • A number of former managers at Intercontinental have also been trying to raise finance.
    • Boswell admitted he could have raised finance on the strength of several Scottish actors.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (project/industry/expansion) financiar
    how are you going to finance the trip? ¿cómo vas a financiar / a costearte el viaje?
    • I'm not going to finance your drinking! ¡no pienso costearte el vicio!
    • It will be financing such customers either directly or through its franchisee set up.
    • One is that the money must go to projects not normally financed by the British taxpayer.
    • The proposed tax cuts, to be financed by the current budget surplus, might help.
    • Connolly has financed the venture through a combination of savings and bank loans.
    • It has no debt, which means much of the development programme could be financed through project finance.
    • The fund will be financed by the social security's health insurance system.
    • The capital flows that financed the US current account deficit were already beginning to dry up.
    • How many people have moved up the housing ladder financed by the proceeds of stock market gains?
    • The researchers were financed independently from the funding organisations.
    • The private sector, in fact Irish pension funds, could finance the entire project.
    • It's hard to do the former and very easy to do the latter especially if parents and grandparents are financing them.
    • Thirdly, such an arrangement defeats the object of the typical transaction financed by a bank.
    • For all you know, their lavish lifestyle may be financed by a string of debts.
    • Britain is in the middle of an unprecedented and unsustainable consumer boom financed by cheap credit.
    • Thus, local taxpayers and baseball fans financed the entire cost of the stadium.
    • Also, the government financed private sector lobbying for government defence contracts.
    • Each acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and financed by a mixture of cash and stock.
    • The two-year project is being financed by the Central Research Unit of the Scottish Executive.
    • It was financed from funds specifically identified for teaching undergraduates and nurses.
    • They are hoping to secure a deal with local companies to help finance it.