Translation of financial in Spanish:


financiero, adj.

Pronunciation /fəˈnæn(t)ʃəl/ /faɪˈnæn(t)ʃəl/ /fʌɪˈnanʃ(ə)l/ /fɪˈnanʃ(ə)l/


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    (system/backing/success/risk) financiero
    (crisis/difficulties/independence) económico
    (news/page) Journalism de economía
    (news/page) Journalism de negocios
    financial management gestión financiera
    • a financial wizard un mago de las finanzas
    • For personal finances we have a financial adviser who helps me and my wife keep on top of things.
    • The decision, widely expected by economists, had little impact on the financial markets.
    • Try to calculate how much more interest you may earn over the course of a year, or ask your financial adviser.
    • Are interest rates in financial markets and the real economy distinct phenomena?
    • History provides many examples where problems in the financial sector led to monetary instability.
    • The market in telecommunications and financial services will be slow to recover.
    • Now this is the sort of qualification you're looking for in a financial adviser.
    • Your employer has just passed the risk of ongoing financial market turbulence to you.
    • The central bank activities go beyond the central bank immediate financial gain.
    • In a gesture of support, the US has said it is in favour of Uruguay being bailed out of its financial crisis.
    • This goes to the heart of the group's financial controls and financial reporting.
    • It was set up by law to help consumers settle complaints against financial firms
    • Regardless of the rules of a scheme, no pension fund is immune to financial disaster.
    • Every asset manager needs a financial framework in his head to rationalise what he is doing.
    • Its characteristics differed to all of the other financial assets in the portfolio.
    • The financial regulator said it was a chronology of events rather than an explanation of what had happened.
    • The financial restructuring of the games changed their traditional roots as well.
    • Several trust funds have been established to offer financial help in managing debt problems.
    • Which economic statistics give us the greatest guidance as to our financial future?
    • It was set up to give consumers a free, independent service for resolving disputes with financial firms.