Translation of financially in Spanish:


económicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /fəˈnæn(t)ʃ(ə)li/ /faɪˈnæn(t)ʃ(ə)li/ /fʌɪˈnanʃ(ə)li/ /fɪˈnanʃ(ə)li/


  • 1

    (sound/viable/involved) económicamente
    financially independent económicamente independiente
    • financially (speaking), it was a disaster desde el punto de vista económico / económicamente hablando, fue un desastre
    • Growing coffee organically, however, can be financially viable thanks to substantially higher prices enjoyed during 2003.
    • The older generation having more at stake financially makes this a logical arrangement.
    • Growing numbers of potential customers are willing to financially reward this management model, which prevents environmental problems.
    • Often they're instinctively distrustful and expect to be taken advantage of financially.
    • The emphasis will be on how saving energy and protecting the environment can also be financially beneficial.
    • Even as recently as ten years ago, a film with this much scope and imagination would have been financially and technically unfeasible.
    • Once he became financially secure, he and his family traveled extensively in Britain, the Continent, and the United States.
    • Manufacturing lighting fixtures for public buildings saw the company through financially lean years, especially those during the Great Depression.
    • The success of an event is not measured only financially, but also by its ability to garner moral and physical support.
    • Many of them are financially independent singles who are postponing marriage and focusing on health issues earlier.