Traducción de find en español:


encontrar, v.

Pronunciación /faɪnd/ /fʌɪnd/

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verbo transitivo found, found

  • 1

    (sth lost or hidden)
    look what I've found! ¡mira lo que he encontrado!
    • I can't find it anywhere no lo encuentro por ninguna parte
    • They said it was a drug search, but they found nothing and damaged everything.
    • Each answer can be found by searching on the Web, or digging deep in your mind.
    • Adams immediately telephoned the police but when officers searched the area they found nothing.
    • With his accomplices he then moved on to Jean and Adrian's bedroom where he found the safe and its key.
    • She figured that the next best thing for her to do would be to find a phone and call Alexia.
    • A €150 reward is available for the person who finds him.
    • She is offering a reward to the person who finds him.
    • A domain name is your internet dot com address, it's how people find you on the web.
    • When you arrive at your destination find a cool shady place and keep the cool box there.
    • We are in the process of finding a new FBI director.
    • Finally I pieced it all together in my mind and went about the process of finding everything I needed.
    • The couple still send their daughter text messages in the hope of receiving a reply, but police have now warned there is little chance of finding her alive.
    • More bodies may yet be found, in what ranks as the UK's most serious accident at work in many years.
    • As the hunt for Smith extends into a second year what are the chances he will be found?
    • If he could land, he'd stand a better chance of being found in the jet than lying in the desert.
    • We could always find something to watch, even if it was just old repeats of Changing Rooms or Time Team.
    • She turned the T.V. on and started flicking through channels, not finding anything good to watch.
    • With this many choices, nobody should ever have a problem finding something to watch!
    • Wolf strained his eyes a little but finally found who John was pointing at.
    • Apparently this is even better, as it means they'll easily find somewhere to park.
  • 2

    (come across, come upon)
    I found the door wide open encontré la puerta abierta de par en par
    • I woke up to find him gone cuando me desperté, me encontré con que se había ido
    • she found him in lo encontró en su casa (or en la oficina etc.)
    • there wasn't a soul to be found no había un alma
    • I wanted to buy some cherries but there were none to be found quería comprar cerezas pero no había por ninguna parte
    • you do occasionally find the odd exception de vez en cuando te encuentras (con) una excepción a la regla
    • I hope this letter finds you well espero que al recibir esta carta te encuentres bien
    • this species is found all over Europe esta especie se encuentra en toda Europa
    • The chances of finding the Thai Millennium coins in your change are very small.
    • How would you rate the chances of finding something good to eat at 6pm on a Sunday in a small village?
    • Detectives said that the body had been found in plastic bags which had been wrapped in a quilt cover.
    • Such structures are dotted all over the island and can be found in the most unexpected locations.
    • As I walked into the room I looked around to find Mark watching me intently.
    • Vanessa returned home to find Cilla watching television in the living room.
    • Just over an hour later a Garda knocked on their trailer door to tell them a man's body had been found nearby.
    • The bodies, which were found on Sunday, had been placed in bin bags in an alley.
    • We had to go up four levels to get to the bikes and arrived to find the others waiting.
    • Sonia raised the alarm on Monday when she arrived for work and found no one there.
    • I arrived to find the First Minister on his knees shredding box upon box of documents.
    • Steve Beard told the court he arrived home to find Markham and Mr Lovelock asleep.
    • She alerted police, but when they arrived they found his blue Toyota Seleca empty and bloodstained.
    • She opened her door to get a glass of water and found Wes standing in the hall still.
    • The fire was contained in the living room where the man was found dead by police.
    • A chief pilot today paid tribute to a colleague found dead at his home.
    • A Spanish cannon found off the coast of Sligo has been unveiled in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.
    • When the search party returned they found Brush in the kitchen raiding the fridge.
    • We land to find that Nathan and Nat are already up the mountain on another flight.
    • I'm fed up with constantly finding you in the hallway sifting through the letters.
  • 3

    • 3.1(ascertain, discover)

      (solution/cause/answer) encontrar
      she was found to be dead on arrival falleció antes de llegar al hospital
      • he was found to have Aids descubrieron que tenía el sida
      • I found (that) it was easier to do it this way descubrí que era más fácil hacerlo así
      • I think you'll find (that) I'm right ya verás como tengo razón
      • I think you'll find (that) it's too far to walk mire que queda demasiado lejos como para ir a pie
      • In addition, oestrogen has been found to improve quality of life in the short term.
      • The researchers found a solution that is not seen every day.
      • Researchers found a simple solution that can double the shelf life of proteas and can especially benefit the export market.
      • A small study found this herb helpful in easing menopausal symptoms, including sexual difficulties.
      • Recent studies found that acidic solutions could increase the flow throughout the stems after 40 min of flushing.
      • The survey also finds a high correlation between overcrowding and incidents of fighting between students.
      • ESA's Huygens probe, arriving at Titan in 2005, will help find answers.
      • My own study of Van Diemen's Land finds that this objective was largely realised.
      • Now researchers are finding that the land of Nod may be especially difficult to reach for women.
      • Drinking adequate amounts of water has been found to have various benefits.

    • 3.2Derecho

      to find sb guilty/not guilty declarar / hallar a algn culpable/inocente
      • how do you find the accused? ¿cuál es su veredicto?
      • the tribunal found that … el tribunal declaró / falló que …
      • This section applies if a court finds an adult guilty of an indictable offence.
      • He denied the rape when he appeared at Luton Crown Court but was found guilty and sentenced to seven years on Monday.
      • The jury at Glasgow High Court found him not guilty of two other charges of abusing a third boy and a young girl.
      • The Supreme Court found that there was a duty of care owed by all but one of the particular defendants.
      • Thus a crown court which finds that the police have acted in contravention of the Convention as regards a defendant in a criminal trial has no power to award damages to the defendant.
      • The Court finds the plaintiffs and their children were wrongfully evicted and they are entitled to whatever damages they suffered as a result.
      • The tribunal found one of the three charges proved and ordered that Mr Baker be reprimanded.
      • Accordingly, the court finds that the defendant owes the full amount to the plaintiff.
      • Hayes denied knowingly importing drugs but a jury at Chelmsford Crown Court found him guilty.
      • There is no way on the material that the court could find that the defendants were the cause of the loss of value.

  • 4

    (experience as)
    she finds him attractive lo encuentra / le resulta / le parece atractivo
    • he found her a great comfort encontró / halló en ella un gran consuelo
    • he found her a bore le resultaba / le parecía aburridísima
    • I find it difficult to concentrate me es / me resulta difícil concentrarme
    • I find it easier to do it like this me es / me resulta más fácil hacerlo así
    • I find that hard to believe! ¡me cuesta creerlo!
    • I find it very strange that nobody turned up me parece muy raro que no haya venido nadie
    • It was a great surprise to buy a copy by chance and find the Evening Press is now lively and informative.
    • When James I succeeded Elizabeth, he found his new kingdom at war with Spain in support of the Dutch.
    • Well, we find also that air quality has an impact on the size of the raindrops.
    • And people often find these jobs have no less pressure than the City, so what's the point?
    • She found to her dismay that no native Indian fish had been mentioned in any of them.
    • As Dickie found to his dismay, the internet has changed all that.
    • When she did return at last, she found to her dismay, that they had moved away.
    • You will likely find that different user constituencies have very different needs and goals.
    • So it is unexpected to find her new novel set in Victorian times and concerned with a music-hall act.
    • He's also found that the people he's met here remind him greatly of those he knew back home.
    • All of them, he finds, had an ability to create or adopt new technology faster and better than their peers.
    • Upon waking, I found that I had kicked all the blankets off and was covered in sweat.
    • Overall, visitors to Atlanta will find it to be a pleasant and exciting travel destination.
  • 5

    • 5.1(obtain, acquire)

      (room/house/replacement) encontrar
      how can we find $20,000 by tomorrow? ¿cómo vamos a conseguir / de dónde vamos a sacar 20.000 dólares antes de mañana?
      • you'll have to find a better excuse te vas a tener que buscar una excusa mejor
      • to find happiness/God encontrar la felicidad/a Dios
      • I found great pleasure in music la música me proporcionaba un gran placer
      • she found in him a willing listener encontró en él a alguien dispuesto a escuchar
      • The second quarter drew a total blank on the scoreboard as neither side succeeded in finding the range against tight marking defenders.
      • One way for young writers to succeed is to find new angles and ways to treat the same theme.
      • Those who do not expect to succeed can always find an excuse to cover their faults.
      • Football has given the world's poor a chance to succeed and find a place in the sun.
      • We have tried, in fact, to find a diplomatic way out that would achieve the same objectives without going to war.
      • It was definitely a challenge to find enough time to train, race, and work on my thesis.
      • Outside work, Maxine also finds the time to help run a business club and enjoys aerobics and swimming.
      • They still haven't found enough money to pay the people who worked for them full-time.
      • People often find their inspiration from utterly mundane things.
      • While work keeps her busy, she nevertheless finds time to surf the net.
      • She also finds time to record a documentary about the people within her town.
      • Despite her increasingly demanding schedule, Samantha insisted she still finds time for herself.
      • Some CEOs seek counseling; others find solace in those closer to the office.
      • Some find solace in campaigning and others want nothing to do with it.
      • They could both find temporary solace, but they'd feel awkward and distant afterwards.
      • For whatever reason, I still did not find comfort in his arms.
      • "We want people to ultimately find comfort in the songs, " says Gustafson.
      • If he did decide to emigrate, would he actually find happiness elsewhere?
      • Dolly comes to the countryside to regain her stability and find happiness with her kids.
      • He ran over to her and told her first thing to hide and find shelter.

    • 5.2(provide with)

      to find sb sth encontrarle algo a algn
      • he found us a room nos encontró una habitación

  • 6literario

    (target/goal) alcanzar
    • These features of American and English lyrics have also found their way into German rock.
    • Like water it finds the broad and easy path, the lowest point.
    • Like love, friendship finds its own natural level, I think.
    • The water levels for the cisterns for each commodity will find a common level.
    • In democracy, Christianity finds its most ‘natural’ social form.
    • The problem isn't that the movie spends 90 minutes marinating in bad taste, but that so many of the desperate jabs at humor fail to find their mark.
    • Thriving in hot dry climates, the aloe vera plant has found a natural habitat on Shay's farm.
    • It's really no huge surprise that advertisements eventually found their way into video games.
    • These technologies soon found their way into petroleum refineries and chemical plants.
    • These specimens found their way into mine captains' collections or were sold to mineral collectors and dealers.
    • Once again, images of Katie found their way into his head and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't make them go away.
    • Perhaps, too, the thesis came too early to compete against the certainties of the 1960s, and finds a more natural place today.
    • The various species and cultivars have found their way into a dizzying array of utilizations.
    • The nylon fibers have also found their way into the concrete industry.
    • Though modern conveniences have found their way into the Inuit way of life, the story still seems relevant.
    • Many Pagan elements have found their way into other religions' rituals.
    • English words have found their way into most of the traditional languages spoken by Nigerian Americans.
    • In recent years, many European sports have also found their way into Tajikistan.
    • Despite this, some ritual European plants have already found their way into mainstream medicine.
    • In Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, Catholic education has found a natural place in various pluralist and multi-choice contexts.

verbo reflexivo pronominal found, found

  • 1

    he found himself in a strange bedroom se encontró en una habitación desconocida
    • I now find myself in a position to … ahora me encuentro en circunstancias de …
    • I found myself unable to answer their questions fui / me vi incapaz de responder a sus preguntas
    • I found myself trembling me di cuenta de que estaba temblando
    • if you're not careful, you'll find yourself in trouble si no tienes cuidado te vas a ver en problemas
  • 2

    (discover identity, vocation)
    encontrarse a sí mismo
    • I didn't need a semester abroad to meet new people and ‘find myself.’
    • In the time shortly after her revelation she not only ‘found herself’ she also found out who her true friends were.

verbo intransitivo found, found

  • 1

    to find for/against sb fallar a favor de/contra algn


  • 1

    hallazgo masculino
    to be a real find ser todo un hallazgo
    • Musa Smith and Onterrio Smith intrigue more than a few teams and could end up being the real finds in this year's crop.
    • But the real acting finds here are Jonathan Jackson and Katharine Isabelle.
    • Rookie of the year Evgeni Nabokov, 26, was a real find.
    • Jones sincerely believed that everything was worthy of being architecture: he was a rare find.
    • Emile Hirsch is the protagonist (and quite a find, a teenager coming out of nowhere to dominate the movie).
    • Anna was a surprising find as Sieglinde, an attractive woman with a fine soprano voice.
    • He's truly a special find, but all of his advantages are cancelled out by his over-caring nature.