Translation of finger bowl in Spanish:

finger bowl

lavafrutas, n.

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    lavafrutas masculine
    aguamanil masculine
    • However, all these semantics were soon forgotten when the largest steamer of mussels arrived, complete with another bowl for the shells and a finger bowl (for my greasy fingers from the butter pat).
    • In spite of my most skilful wielding of cutlery, I had to have recourse to the finger bowl that had been brought along with the main course.
    • Serve with lemon and black pepper and fresh bread and a finger bowl!
    • Eat it and you'll be like that man who drank his finger bowl in front of Queen Victoria.
    • This was an amazing ‘bouillabaisse’ soup which was served with a dish for seafood shells and a finger bowl.
    • One of Sally's favorite stories, perhaps apocryphal, concerns a dinner guest who had never seen a finger bowl before and so started drinking out of his.
    • He grabbed a cup of hot water from a tray and a pinch of green dust from a small finger bowl.
    • This was one to be attacked by hand, the only problem being a lack of a finger bowl at the end.
    • The Offertory Gifts included a chalice, ciboria, jug and finger bowl, a credence set, a copy of the commemorative book and a specially commissioned commemorative plate, one of which was presented to each employee present.
    • Give finger bowls to your guests and lots of good French bread to mop up the wonderful juices.
    • As a child, I fashioned ersatz cockpit headsets out of plastic finger bowls and wire hangers; I secretly spoke into my Texas Instruments digital wristwatch while playing in my backyard.
    • They can also be added to the bath, used as a light cologne or body spray, and even used in finger bowls for elegant, romantic dinners.
    • Guests dipped into their finger bowls and they were set to the side.
    • Sprinkle them generously with salt, and a little more thyme if you wish, then serve with halves of lemon and finger bowls and napkins.
    • Dad and I went to this fancy restaurant where they used those little finger bowls.
    • Serve with spoons for the broth, and finger bowls for the mussels.