Traducción de fingerprint en Español:


huella digital, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪŋɡərˌprɪnt/ /ˈfɪŋɡəprɪnt/


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    huella digital femenino
    huella dactilar femenino
    impresión digital femenino
    to take sb's fingerprints tomarle las huellas digitales / dactilares / las impresiones digitales a algn
    • Imperfections such as marks, lines and fingerprints only enhance the personality of these photos.
    • To open the safe, a ‘learned’ finger is placed on the sensor, which then compares the fingerprint's unique pattern to those stored in its memory bank.
    • A machine scans the index finger, matching the customer's unique fingerprint with the individual's account.
    • Everyone is born with a unique set of fingerprints and a unique palm print (pattern of lines on the palm).
    • Just like human fingerprints, the pattern of marks is individual to each monkey.
    • Observers can identify individual hyenas by their constellation-like spot patterns, each as unique as a human fingerprint.
    • This will show any stains, fingerprints, scuff marks, or shiny places from handling.
    • But the technology to record unique information about my retinal patterns, fingerprints and facial measurements is very much a reality.
    • As fingerprints are unique to each individual, so are shoeprints.
    • Biometric scanners use fingerprints, voice patterns, and facial characteristics to identify individuals.
    • A very talented individual with a lot of experience, may be able to identify a fingerprint that a less talented or newer examiner may not be able to identify.
    • He also criticised a change in the law under which police were able to retain fingerprints, a photograph and a DNA sample from him, despite his now having been cleared of all charges.
    • Luckily, the 16-year-old culprit left behind a fingerprint and detectives were able to trace him.
    • Human brains are as individualized and unique as human fingerprints.
    • Your fingertips contain oil, which is why you leave fingerprints on surfaces when you touch them, and why cat burglars always wear gloves in the movies.
    • The pad of the finger is generally defined as the spot where the whorl of the fingerprint is located.
    • Both fingerprints and the pattern of blood vessels in the eye are unique to each individual, staying constant throughout life.
    • Biometric data includes information such as fingerprints and iris patterns.
    • What is most peculiar about the iris is that each is unique and unchangeable, so much so that many claim that the iris is a better identifier of an individual than fingerprints.
    • The high-profile pathologist said her role on site is minimal as the experts in photography, blood patterns, fingerprints and ballistics take over.

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    tomarle las huellas digitales a
    tomarle las dactilares a
    tomarle las impresiones digitales a