Traducción de finish en Español:


terminar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪnɪʃ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(complete)

      (task/meal/building) terminar
      (task/meal/building) acabar
      to finish -ing terminar / acabar de + inf

      • he hasn't finished painting it yet
      she finishes high school in two years' time acabará / terminará el bachillerato dentro de dos años
      • we finish school/work at four o'clock today hoy salimos a las cuatro
      • let her finish what she's doing/saying déjala terminar / acabar lo que está haciendo/de hablar
      • Co-ordination work has started and a task force will finish a feasibility study for the whole project by the end of this year.
      • After she had finished the required tasks she got right down to work on getting to know the dogs.
      • He added: ‘I definitely want to be a professional musician once I finish my studies.’
      • You can do the same following our step-by-step painting template, or finish the project as you see fit.
      • Reluctantly, she finishes her homework and eats a quiet dinner with her family.
      • Dr. Rothery visibly relaxed and went to finish the task she had started before the interruption, bringing my water over to me.
      • I did a Masters straight after my BA as I was couldn't decide between finding a job and trying to finish my studies.
      • I haven't managed to finish this week's task as it was quite involved so I've decided to carry it over until next week.
      • His proof was so complex that referees spent 6 years checking the results, without completely finishing the task.
      • He said that he would quit his post after he finishes his assigned task of reforming party policies, but that he would remain a party member.
      • Most Airmen know they're important to their mission and they must finish their tasks.
      • After finishing his task, he was invited to work at the Bureau, but he declined.
      • The carpenter would respond, and eventually a painter would get to the job site to finish the work.
      • When in a hurry, workers devote mental resources to quickly finishing a task, rather than generating new ideas.
      • OK, by now you should have finished the colouring task I set earlier.
      • When she finished this task, she placed the basket securely on the dresser to await the arrival of Johnny's van.
      • I could have finished the task a couple of weeks ago, but, for some reason, I decided to prolong the agony and leave it hanging.
      • Also, Cleric wants Jim to follow him to Harvard, where he has accepted a job offer, and finish his education there.
      • That sort of interaction gave me fuel to finish my task.
      • He was highly regarded and known as a hard-working, diligent member of the team who could be trusted to finish any task with characteristic good humour.
      • After the meat was finished off, both Silhi and I laid on our backs and looked up at the sky.
      • He was sad to read in the newspapers about a retired high school teacher having to hop from table to table in a food outlet to finish the leftovers on the plates.
      • We discovered that we all had a horror of wasting food, and would finish a dish rather than throw it in the bin.
      • The little sister has somehow finished her drink and disposed of the glass.
      • By early evening we will have finished our food, and will have had several drinks.
      • He waited patiently for Ambrose to finish his drink, then took the canteen from the man's outstretched hand.
      • I came back in and finished my drink and looking back I can't recall that it tasted any different.
      • He sat with the sick man until late in the evening, and then finished the food himself.
      • Mark finished his drink, and spun the glass round and round on the table in front of him.
      • At one, there was a load of polystyrene boxes outside with the remains of takeaway meals, dumped by people who couldn't be bothered to finish their food.

    • 1.2(consume)

      (drink/loaf/rations) terminar
      (drink/loaf/rations) acabar
      we've finished our stock of coal se nos ha terminado / acabado el carbón

  • 2

    • 2.1(create surface texture on)

      (cloth/porcelain) terminar
      (wood) pulir
      • The fuselage appears to be painted in olive green while the flying surface appears to be finished in silver.
      • Drywall can be difficult for a novice to finish to a smooth surface.
      • Take the same care in cleaning and preparing a surface to be stained as you would in finishing it.
      • Teak takes on a beautifully polished appearance when finished because it contains natural oils.
      • The homeowner used a sage green stain to finish her garden wall.
      • All in all the rifle looked good and was finished in an attractive black satin finish.
      • Only after many hours of finishing the surface, was the leather ready to be used.

    • 2.2(add final touches to)

      (product/clothes) terminar
      (product/clothes) acabar

  • 3coloquial

    (person/career/project) acabar con
    the scandal finished him as a politician el escándalo acabó con su carrera política
    • the last few laps finished her las últimas vueltas acabaron con ella
    • I will finish Naylor if it kills me, or a few innocent bystanders.
    • He has just about finished things off by destroying trust and honour.
    • She didn't resist when Xienna grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and propelled her out of the dormitory at high speed, but part of her screamed at her for not finishing the boy.
    • Tarhiel cornered Rhys against the large window wall and prepared to finish Rhys.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (come to end)
    (course/performance/work) terminar
    (course/performance/work) acabar
    the reading finished with a poem by Keats el recital terminó con un poema de Keats
    • she finished by summarizing the main points again concluyó resumiendo de nuevo los puntos principales
    • Not only was his season finished, but the future of his playing days was in serious jeopardy.
    • One of them had spent hours working with Sherry in Australia each day after training had finished.
    • Did I mention that I have jury duty coming up straight after the summer semester finishes?
    • I didn't think about it over the weekend (once my work day finishes, so does my thoughts and worries about work), but it's been on my mind today.
    • She will then pack up when the holiday season finishes at the end of the summer, and head back to Bali to buy next year's stock.
    • Nine months of work has finished on upgrading one of the main gates at Portsmouth Naval Base, which has now re-opened for traffic.
    • These months, between one academic year finishing and the next one starting, are pretty frenetic - dealing simultaneously with year end and all the prep for what's about to start.
    • Builders are hoping to have the work finished in time for St. Patrick's Day.
    • Work finished at the factory in the summer, and the firm relocated.
    • The day will finish off with evening dinner and entertainment in the Arklow Bay Hotel.
    • Not that I plan to do anything more than watch it grow until the summer finishes and autumn is well under way.
    • He said some enterprises never even lock their doors after the work day finishes.
    • Due to the pace of the construction, some projects are finishing ahead of schedule.
    • Just think about the fact that a sitting of the chamber finishes after 5pm, but the full verbatim report is published by 8.30 the next morning.
    • It is understood the tower crane at the centre of Tuesday night's drama will be decommissioned when crane work finishes within the next two weeks.
    • She added that although the water clears when building work finishes, it was happening more and more because of the amount of property renovation in the village.
    • They hope vital witnesses may come forward before term finishes on Friday.
  • 2

    (complete activity)
    I've finished; may I leave the table? ya he terminado / acabado ¿me puedo levantar de la mesa?
    • if you've quite finished, may I get a word in? si has acabado ya ¿me dejas meter baza?
  • 3

    to finish first/second/last terminar en primer/segundo/último lugar
    • to finish well/badly acabar bien/mal
    • Four weeks later he made his competitive debut, finishing 32nd in a race in Austria.
    • Isaac McCann consolidated his overall third place in the under-13 race finishing in third place in 10.25 sec.
    • Emmett ran a good race to finish in fifth place with a ‘Personal Best’ of 4 minutes 2 seconds.
    • Zedrovski raced competitively to finish in second place, a length and three quarters back.
    • If we were to finish fifth every race, I think we could win the championship.
    • The six-year-old, no stranger to success on this course, ran a fine race to finish third here on Monday.
    • He has finished all but one race, and he has four top-five finishes.
    • He won just one Chase race but still finished ahead of Jimmie Johnson, who won four times during the Chase.
    • Despite this handicap, he finished in a fine fifth place and learnt a lot about his new team and car.
    • It is the first top 10 finish by a woman competitor at the Race to the Sky.
    • At Daytona, Mears showed a veteran's patience and wound up finishing a career-best second.
    • All four were members of China's 2003 world championships team which finished fourth.
    • Australia could have had two goals since Brazil scored if they could finish!
    • He is excellent on drives and can finish at the goal or score on runners and pull-up jumpers.
    • We played the sort of rugby we have been aiming for, and I think with a bit of improved finishing we could have scored a few more tries.
    • But King hit back with two bull finishes to level the score at 1-1 in sets.
    • The team scored two podium finishes in 2003, and made its 2004 debut at Phoenix with a top 10 finish.
    • Parsons was chased to the flag by Paddy Murray, as both Club Class racers scored their debut podium finishes in the championship.
    • Rovers who had to play most of the game with ten men as John Straker was sent off in the 29th minute finished the game strong and with better finishing in front of goal they would have got a point.
    • Naas took the Div two crown with some clinical goal finishing from talented full forward Fergal Barry to overcome Carbury in an excellent final played in Clane.
    • Two minutes later, John Mike Dooley pounced for the first of his two goals when he finished to the net from a set up by Colin Harris.
    • However, it was the visitors who finished well with a goal and a point.
    • It took three Banbridge players to stop the big man but he still managed to get his pass away to Pooler Archbold, who drew the cover and put Glen Kyle in to finish off the score.
    • But it was Newry who finished with a flourish, grabbing that comfort goal.
    • The fightback was sealed after 72 minutes with a goal started and finished by Summerbee.


  • 1

    • 1.1(end)

      fin masculino
      final masculino
      • As the game moved on to day three the stage was set for a close finish on the final day.
      • The whole thing was misconceived from start to finish - if it has a finish.
      • That is what they will be doing now, and they will be doing so from start to finish - with the finish being the most critical and difficult element in the media mix.
      • This was not to be as a broken rear arm on the second stage meant an early finish for the Carnforth team.
      • Against the Olympic champion, France's Laure Manaudou, in tonight's 400m free final, such a finish will be essential.
      • It remains whether he has the ability to match him at the stage finish in what is his first Tour.
      • The particularly tough climb of Alpe d' Huez is a favourite, providing a stage finish in most Tours.
      • These soft, refreshing winter fruits, with their complex texture and flavour, make the perfect finish to a meal.
      • The stage is set for the closest finish in the history of the World Rally Championship.
      • The match was poised for a close finish, when it ended abruptly.
      • A perfect finish to the night: flamenco dancing by a thrilling young dancer and music in a small club.
      • For a perfect finish, the snout of the hunter should stab down between his forepaws just as they hit the ground.
      • A few hours in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and a film will put a perfect finish to the day.
      • The Russian campaign will have you on your toes from start to finish - and what a finish it is!
      • The support we received from start to finish was overwhelming.
      • By the finish of the race, some exposed sections were drying out, but the interior trails were still pretty thick.

    • 1.2(of race)

      llegada femenino
      it was a very close finish llegaron a la meta casi a la par
      • Late Monday evening news travelled through that the race finish had been moved, as most ships had not passed the second waypoint!
      • In 2003 he approached the finish of the race with it all sewn up at odds of 4/11 but came down.
      • The rest of us observe the endurance of the human spirit from the sidelines as they race towards the finish.
      • Anyway, I'm happy because we reached the finish of a race where so many things have happened.
      • Just outside Buckingham Palace, probably a hundred metres from the finish, I saw an old fella being led away by the St John's Army.
      • Verbrugghe broke away on the stage's final climb 18 km from the finish and raced home alone.
      • This was the case as they turned the final bend into the finish.

    • 1.3(ruin)

      the finish el fin / el final

  • 2

    • 2.1(refinement)

      refinamiento masculino

    • 2.2(appearance of quality)

      acabado masculino
      terminación femenino
      the cheaper models lack the finish of the expensive ones los modelos más económicos no tienen el acabado de los caros
      • It exhibits the same meticulous detail and refined finish, only varying in the addition of a lapis lazuli stand and in some minor heraldic details.
      • Clearly a labour of love with its attention to detail and cosy finish, it is a perfect lovers' retreat.
      • This stand was second only to that of Ibrox in terms of its architectural finish and detail.
      • I don't really mind this, and rather like the distinctly metallic looking finish and dark, dark blue colouring.
      • The fascia and interior plastics benefit from a much higher quality finish featuring scratch-resistant textures.
      • The colour has also changed, adding an optional metallic finish and a dark purple as the primary colour.
      • The detail and perfect finish make every piece an object of wonder.
      • Wacky overprints, a dull gold finish, colourful rhinestones and lots of feather and fur completed the look.
      • Fraser even holds out the possibility of adding a metallic soft-touch finish to a specific area on a larger part, like a door panel.
      • The finishing touch came with the specification of a semi metallic mid grey paint finish, covering sheet steel doors.
      • It's got a metallic, dark blue finish and a polished aluminum triangular logo on the front.
      • Given its high specification finish, it may also appeal to an investor seeking to rent to corporate clients.
      • ‘This is a very high quality office block in terms of specification and finish,’ suggests Doolan.
      • The refined finish of the scenes embossed and chased in the minutest detail shows off the skill of the silversmiths involved.
      • Cut refers to the proportions, symmetry and finish of the diamond.
      • And, in a house like this, quality of finish is all-important.
      • You can specify matt finish in the ‘additional information’ box that is at the bottom of the order details page.
      • Look at one of their projects and ask yourself whether you would be happy with the quality of finish - paintwork is a good indicator.
      • If the designers gave the vehicle a strong look on the outside, they went for top quality finish and lots of space inside.

    • 2.3(surface texture)

      acabado masculino
      a matt/gloss finish un acabado mate/brillante
      • with a rough finish sin pulir
      • In a traditional barn, you won't find finishes like drywall or gypsum board.
      • The kitchen is a light, airy space that achieves a sophisticated country look through its combination of materials and finishes.
      • Gloss finishes are shiny and scrubbable, so they are perfect for doors, trim and specialty uses.
      • She also chooses finishes and materials that change over time.
      • Rods and other accessories are available in unlimited finishes from paint surfaces to antique patina.
      • Natural finishes provide warmth and texture in the kitchen too.
      • Surface finishes provide a tough, clear coating over stained or sealed wood.
      • Do you prefer glazed, painted or laminated finishes?
      • Rustic country decorating includes the use of natural woods, aged surfaces, rough finishes and simple lines.
      • New doors are manufactured in powder-coated finishes, with rounded curves in all different colors.
      • However, when surface finishes must be renewed, it is usually necessary to refinish the entire room.
      • As well as offering excellent workmanship and using top quality materials and finishes, Custom Kitchens take a fresh and innovative approach to kitchen design.
      • This sealer serves well for a base coat for other finishes.
      • Frames come in a choice of finishes, from polished aluminium to brushed nickel or satin chrome.
      • Some newer blinds are coated with reflective finishes.
      • Eventually all finishes will lose some of their shine as the finish coating wears.
      • Concrete surfaces come in three basic finishes and many colors.
      • We have found time and time again that, when done right, earthen plasters and finishes are far superior to concrete and synthetic stuccos in many ways.
      • Keep in mind that the color may come from different finishes: paint, plaster, tile, or wallpaper.
      • There are basically two types of floor finishes: one is oil-based and the other is water-based polyurethane.