Translation of finishing school in Spanish:

finishing school


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    colegio privado para señoritas donde se aprende a comportarse en sociedad
    • All the other girls are going home to attend prestigious intuitions; colleges for girls, universities, finishing schools.
    • Within five years of his appointment he had turned the institute from a finishing school for witless girls into a seminary with a worldwide reputation.
    • Though we do have two finishing schools for girls as neighbors, seeing the same pretty faces every year can be tiring.
    • Gone are the days of the finishing school, where girls with flawless skin walked serenely around oak-panelled studies balancing books on their heads.
    • The contentious issue goes back 26 years to when Gulf Park used to be a finishing school for girls.
    • From her first day of grade school to her entrance into a prestigious finishing school, her educational tale is one of precocity and academic recognition.
    • If he hated Grant and I he would have done what most parents do and send their kids to boarding school and finishing school for proper young ladies.
    • Educational opportunities at the time for a girl growing up in Germany were few with German schools for middle-class girls being little more than finishing schools.
    • She is attending a dinner party hosted by the former teacher of her finishing school.
    • Bulgarian people haven't grown up in the UK where they have special school lessons for good behaviour and finishing schools for the ladies.
    • After being expelled from two convent schools, she went to finishing schools in Florence and Paris.
    • It gave the girls some exercise, and it acted as a surrogate finishing school.
    • Anne could do no more than smile weakly and nod every once in awhile, she didn't bother telling her Headmistress that there were no finishing schools in Jamaica, especially in port settlements.
    • They were happy for her to follow her dream of the stage and sent her off to New York, on the condition that she lived in a convent finishing school.
    • If this question means what would I like to teach, then I'd run a finishing school.