Translation of fire warden in Spanish:

fire warden

encargado de la vigilancia contra incendios, n.


  • 1

    encargado de la vigilancia contra incendios masculine
    encargada de la vigilancia contra incendios feminine
    • He worked as a volunteer fire warden in London during the Blitz, on his evenings off work.
    • The fire warden may direct occupants to the nearest exit, instruct them to shut their doors or turn off equipment.
    • Within minutes, they headed to the closest stairwell, led by Brian Clark, a fire warden on the 84th floor, who had his flashlight and whistle.
    • Staff designated as fire wardens gathered at the preschool to evacuate the children to the basement.
    • A new safety committee has also been formed and the company has agreed to provide training for safety officers and fire wardens.