Translation of fireproof in Spanish:


ignífugo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfaɪ(ə)rˌpruf/ /ˈfʌɪəpruːf/


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    (material) ignífugo
    (material) incombustible
    (dish) refractario
    • Grease a fireproof dish, place a layer of potatoes in it, cover with apple and a little sage, season lightly and sprinkle with cheese, repeat layers leaving potatoes and cheese to cover.
    • On top of shortages in basic equipment like ladders, fireproof clothing and pumps, at least 22 new fire engines and other vehicles are required now and 35 auxiliary fire stations need upgrading.
    • The proposal is seen as the only option left to bail out the cash - starved Highlands and Islands Fire Service which is short of equipment such as ladders, breathing apparatus, cutting equipment, fireproof clothing and pumps.
    • We had to take out all the office remnants - the partitions and the fireproof ceiling.
    • The community has adopted the Homeowners Fire Smart Manual, with many residents replacing cedar shingles and combustible siding with fireproof materials, he said.
    • As he arrived he saw neighbours being forced back from the house by the intense heat of the inferno, and dashed towards the end terrace house without stopping to put on any protective fireproof clothing or his breathing gear.
    • To ensure that it is earthquake proof and fireproof, the whole structure should be made of steel, which makes its price several times higher than that of ordinary high buildings.
    • Forum members debated how they could encourage all property owners to make sure that their roof spaces are divided from neighbouring properties by fireproof barriers.
    • Thrice a day, the performers have been taking to the stage under the massive fireproof tents, which can accommodate up to 2,500 viewers.
    • Put everything in a waterproof, fireproof box and know where it is.
    • Built of reinforced cement concrete, the house is fireproof.
    • The drivers and co-drivers, for their part, are kitted out from head to toe in fireproof overalls, gloves and shoes and a helmet.
    • Asbestos, a fireproof fibrous mineral, has been banned from construction by the government since 1996.
    • Emergency exits must be made of fireproof materials and must be clear of any obstructions, and must be illuminated at all times.
    • High-quality sprinkler systems and new fireproof roofing materials, for example, can reduce the chance of fire.
    • Application of preservatives has made these houses fireproof.
    • You may want to invest in shelving and file cabinets and fireproof storage units.
    • The Scouting team, who stayed at the orphanage for a week, worked to make the home more fireproof and carried out repairs.
    • It made great insulation, in particular as fireproof packing in boilers.
    • Keep the originals in a home safe or other waterproof, fireproof container.

transitive verb

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