There are 2 main translations of firm in Spanish

: firm1firm2


firme, adj.

Pronunciation /fərm/ /fəːm/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(secure)

      (hold/grasp) firme
      he has a firm handshake da la mano con fuerza
      • This goes a huge way towards putting the project on a firm financial footing (no pun intended) and turning it into a reality.
      • Coun Francis wished the clerk well and he praised him for putting the council on a firm financial footing.
      • Goldberg is confident that the center is on firm financial footing as it prepares to celebrate the coming anniversary.
      • They can see the firm foundations being laid at Elland Road.
      • That is a firm foundation for taking a case before the court.
      • However, it had a firm foundation of trust on which to build, as recent surveys had shown that most people trusted their GP or nurse.
      • These results will provide students with a firm foundation to pursue further studies or to enter the world of work.
      • For all their adventure, their successes this season have been built on firm foundations.
      • Hopefully they will continue to build on this firm foundation.
      • Our studies provide a firm foundation to investigate this intriguing notion.
      • A large hand caught her arm in a firm grip and steadied her, tugging so that she could sit up properly.
      • I then proceeded to let out a few feet of tape and make sure I had a firm grip on it.
      • He started on the dishes again, making sure he kept a firm grip on every dish.
      • After making sure you have a firm grip on the outward line, you should cut it as close to your body as possible.
      • Katherine was again conscious of his strength through the firm grip he took of her hand.
      • Retain a firm grip on it when you power it up and you will get the hang of it after a few passes.
      • She danced next to him for a song; he kept a firm grip on her wrist to make sure she didn't slip away into the crowd.
      • He kept a firm grip on her to make sure she was alright, but pulled something out of his pocket.
      • He took my hand with a firm grip and, bringing his face right up close to mine, stared me straight in the eyes for several seconds, as though drinking in every detail of my face.
      • When it was his time to take the oath, he signed the book, then went on to chat animatedly to the Speaker, who grasped his hand, held it in a firm grip, and shook it five times.

    • 1.2(not yielding)

      (surface/muscles) firme
      (mattress) duro
      (foundation) sólido
      a firm basis for negotiations una base sólida para las negociaciones
      • the going is firm el terreno está firme
      • White has shown his cards in the selection of a team and a bench that is tailored for a hard, firm ground and dry conditions.
      • Snow ramps led upwards through the maze of rocks, the surface surprisingly firm and consistent, allowing us to kick steps and chop holds with our axes.
      • Rob shivered a little, cold and uncomfortable lying on the firm, hard ground.
      • A ball point pen and a firm writing surface should be used to assure clarity and legibility.
      • We'd really like separate paths for riders, with a firm all-weather surface, but that would be expensive.
      • ‘I stepped on what I thought was firm ground and I sank until my ankles,’ she said.
      • The firm ground did not help as far as the size of the fields was concerned and the races contained fewer runners than we have come to expect at Punchestown.
      • They maintain the route would have to be repaired anyway, whether it were upgraded or not, and the ground is firm enough to withstand use by horses and cyclists.
      • We've had four or five days of good weather so the ground is firm.
      • It has some obvious advantages, apart from the pleasure of running around on firm ground under the summer sun.
      • I don't think the ground will make any difference to him, although he may not run if the ground comes up too firm.
      • Her right fist appeared to have connected with something distinctly firm and solid.
      • The advocates of summer rugby will have loved it as the firm ground underfoot encouraged the two teams to play some terrific expansive rugby.
      • Also, it is normal to feel the epididymis - a small, firm, tube-like structure at the back of the testicle.
      • In section the tumour tissue was firm and the cut surface of the growth was evenly white and had small cysts in it.
      • Obtain a stable chair with a firm seat cushion and back, and a footstool to elevate your leg
      • When you are cruising your local bazaar, make sure to only buy fruits that are bright red, shiny, and firm with no mould in sight.
      • Then she jumped up and down upon the nice firm mattress like a trampoline.

    • 1.3(not declining)

      (currency/market) firme
      (currency/market) fuerte
      the dollar remained firm against other currencies el dólar se mantuvo frente a otras monedas
      • Brokers said they expect share prices to stay firm next week, supported by the planned establishment of new investment trusts.
      • While many commodity markets have been very much on the firm side, the grain and oilseed complex have been weak.
      • In the age of globalization, capital flows brought in by a firm currency can be more important than the increased trade afforded by a softer one.
      • That the share price has held firm indicates the market believes the company will get control of the group eventually, analysts say.

  • 2

    • 2.1(steadfast)

      (friendship) sólido
      (support) firme
      she is firm in her convictions se mantiene firme en sus convicciones
      • he is firm favorite to win the race es el gran favorito de la carrera
      • to be firm on an issue mantenerse firme en una postura
      • Having taken our decision, this country will now pursue our aims with firm resolve and with determination.
      • Raising her head high, Julia decides to toughen herself and be firm with Cassie.
      • Sometimes, you have to be firm with minions or they won't stop bugging you, he thought.
      • You need to be firm with some consistent training to help gain the upper hand.
      • However, he did still have to be firm with the girl, otherwise she would transgress.
      • It is important to be firm, resolute and committed to get through the first stage.
      • He was resolute, firm and unbending in his position toward Nazi Germany's aggression.
      • We, the lesser fry, may enjoy the luxury of shaking and red eyes but we expect the man at the top to be firm, unfaltering and resolute.
      • To the contrary, be as firm with yourself as you would be with a subordinate who promised to do something by a certain time or date.
      • He kept on marching ahead with equipoise and firm determination.
      • Enforce the rules fairly every time. Be gentle but firm with your child even when the child wants to break a rule.
      • Her voice sounded kind and caring, even though she sounded firm with Chad about Sean getting his rest.
      • Not to say that there wasn't debate, but the conclusion was always the same: a firm resolution to do nothing.
      • Ariane's eyes looked over to Frayne who had yet to speak, he stood firm with his arms crossed.
      • Kingston is a warm and encouraging older man, firm with the students but gentle and kind.
      • Had the government acted in time with a firm determination, the calamity would have been averted?
      • The two became firm friends and were close collaborators on medical topics for many years.
      • Constance was a firm believer that things have a way of working themselves out.
      • It was there that he met Tom, now aged 18, and the two become firm friends.
      • He saw through some lucrative deals for his players/clients, and became firm friends with many of them.
      • During a break in proceedings, she told the Yorkshire Post how she came to be an adviser on the show and firm friends with its star.
      • The two became firm friends, with Zazu learning an impressive vocabulary during their time together.

    • 2.2(strict)


  • 3

    (offer/date/contract) en firme
    • But transgression, by definition, requires a firm set of rules.
    • The Crawford Court did not provide a firm definition of the meaning of testimonial.
    • Unfortunately, we can't offer a firm definition of what constitutes a high number of features.
    • As a minimum, we get a firm definition of the kind of equipment needed for the job and how long it will be needed for that job.
    • So, actually I could almost prove that anyone that gives you a firm answer is by definition wrong.
    • Take our advice - just don't make any firm plans for June.
    • In addition to Trinity Academy, firm plans already exist for another seven academies across Yorkshire including two in Bradford.
    • ‘At the moment we are going on as if it is still going ahead but we are planning to make a firm decision in June,’ she said.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (muscles/stomach) endurecer
    • The Skin Firming Moisturiser with seaweed extract and caffeine promises to firm up flabby flesh and reduce the appearance of cellulite.
    • But I rather like my body image, and I reckon I would be sorted if I just got a hula hoop to firm up my stomach muscles.
    • By working all heads of the triceps, you can firm up the backs of your arms and develop a gorgeous contour, Roberts says.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (prices) recuperarse
    • Economist Ben Simpendorfer added: " We are seeing a sustained reflationary trend; the old news is that retail prices are firming.
    • Forecasts from the Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation predict prices will firm in most major commodities.
    • Minister Walsh said butter prices have firmed throughout the EU and in Ireland due in part to the overall fall in milk deliveries in the EU and the attraction of cheese, which has also diverted milk away from butter.
    • Now, margins have been compressed by pricing pressures, and industry analysts and executives don't see prices firming anytime soon.
    • Agricultural conditions improved as well: crop and cattle prices firmed and weather conditions improved.
    • Dutch shares firmed early on Thursday after the firm announced it was maintaining its dividend for the year contradicting earlier forecasts by analysts who had forecast the first dividend cut in over 20 years.
    • All this takeover froth provides support for the company's share, which has firmed since he unveiled his yellow pack initiative.
    • Carphone provided a positive update at the end of September which has helped the shares to firm 15%.

There are 2 main translations of firm in Spanish

: firm1firm2


empresa, n.


  • 1

    (in business, etc)
    empresa feminine
    firma feminine
    compañía feminine
    a firm of architects un estudio de arquitectos
    • I'm a junior partner at a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions.
    • Like your business, law firms are owned and operated by a set of partners.
    • In the property manager's office, Paul and I met with the law firm's office manager and real estate agent.
    • There is often a cultural disconnect when big law firms meet small businesses.
    • Now, the smaller firms are fighting back by picking up laid-off bankers from big firms or entering partnerships.
    • Lawyers sit on the boards of companies with which their firms do business.
    • It is rare for a biotechnology firm to establish its business in a an existing property.
    • In many cases, students hired by public accounting firms come from families with a culture of business.
    • Most of the larger retailers subcontract firms to do this.
    • Should partners in law and accounting firms be entitled to sue if they face age, race, or sex discrimination?
    • Union members are demanding shorter working hours and the government's retraction of its plan to privatize the public firms, which they fear will lead to massive layoffs.
    • The company is a full service law firm which acts primarily for business clients.
    • With ratios in some accountancy firms of one partner to 20 employees, trying to make the grade may seem like mission impossible.
    • The same costs potentially face publishing firms and broadcasting companies every time they decide to fight a complex libel case.
    • Also beleaguered are trucking companies, chemical concerns, and construction firms.
    • All of the foreign companies are partnered with local Taiwanese firms.
    • Big law firms were the place to find the right lawyer, because big law firms were a one-stop shop.
    • But he doubts the law firm would reclassify those employees and take away their overtime pay.
    • She admits that it is easier for her to go into partnership with big firms now that she has established her reputation.
    • These would be analogous to the kind of contracts that venture-capital firms draw up for the management of young companies.
  • 2British informal

    (soccer supporters)
    hinchada feminine
    barra feminine Latin America