Translation of firmly in Spanish:


con firmeza, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈfərmli/ /ˈfəːmli/


  • 1

    (hold/grasp) con firmeza
    (hold/grasp) firmemente
    (bolted/fixed/supported) firmemente
    • The dialects of Northumberland have their foundations firmly rooted in Old English Anglo-Saxon, with huge influences from Scandanavia.
    • Once the completed manuscript was bound between rigid covers clasped firmly shut, it was well protected.
    • If they decided to sign, they would risk the anger of France and Germany, who were firmly embedded in the camp of "old Europe."
    • The aims are to provide a fresh approach to the particular subject, to give the author's own distinctive contribution, and to place both firmly in their historical contexts.
    • The family now had branches firmly settled in Michigan and Massachusetts.
    • Perhaps there is something in our ethnic genes that is firmly anchored in the past.
    • His feet were planted very firmly on the ground, and his instincts remained those of the practical farmer.
    • It's an action-packed piece, with all the suspense and espionage cliches firmly in place.
    • As she learns, having both feet firmly planted on the ground may not be the highest and best use of them.
    • Her right arm had been broken and was held firmly in a cast.
  • 2

    • 2.1(steadfastly)

      (committed/convinced) firmemente
      (deny/believe/support) firmemente
      (deny/believe/support) con firmeza
      we are firmly behind you on this tienes todo nuestro apoyo
      • Neither the federal nor the provincial government is firmly committed to long-term agri-environmental programs.
      • A spokesman said the company remained "very firmly behind biotech technology."
      • The minister said he stood firmly behind the man who had proposed him for the party leadership.
      • They remain firmly allied to the South, and their troops in combat zones along the border would still act as a tripwire in any North/South war.
      • The international community was firmly against this military adventure.
      • The queen stood firmly behind her government when they refused to propose a bill permitting the marriage.
      • If you tell yourself firmly that it is doing you good, you can get a couple of glasses down.
      • We are firmly against the forcible acquisition for our land at paltry compensation rates.
      • The government remains firmly committed to this overall approach and expects the department to develop its work with health authorities.
      • Firmly holding that research determines the economic, social, and political development of a nation, he rebuffed all pseudoscience, such as astrology.

    • 2.2(strictly)

      con firmeza