Translation of first-ever in Spanish:


primero, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌfərstˈɛvər/

Definition of primero in Spanish


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    the first-ever ascent of Everest la primera ascensión al Everest
    • The Indian Foreign Minister signed the agreement in Lisbon, where the EU and India are holding the first-ever summit meeting.
    • I'm in the middle of my first-ever UK tour at the moment.
    • Voting in the country's first-ever direct presidential election is due to take place on Monday.
    • It was the first-ever meeting between the respective armed forces' heads since the war.
    • It was the first-ever visit by a pope to Bulgaria.
    • This was their first-ever game at the new stadium.
    • The game pitted two teams making their first-ever Super Bowl appearances.
    • She won her country's first-ever international title when she took the all-around gold medal at the 1994 African championships.
    • Vijay Hazare led India to its first-ever victory over England in Madras in 1952-53.
    • It was their first-ever trip to the city.