Translation of first aid in Spanish:

first aid

primeros auxilios, n.


  • 1

    primeros auxilios masculine
    to give first aid prestar los primeros auxilios
    • first-aid station puesto de primeros auxilios
    • first-aid post puesto de primeros auxilios
    • Keep medications, water, snacks, maps, an emergency kit and first-aid supplies in the vehicle.
    • Similar boxes are available from first-aid kit suppliers, and would work fine.
    • I keep it in my first-aid kit and medicine chest; it is harmless and could help in many stressful situations.
    • Many have emergency oxygen and first-aid kits, and have undertaken the relevant training.
    • Afterwards, Kathy apologised to the shocked producer who allegedly required first-aid treatment on the wound left by the bite.
    • Never mind the golf bags that come with pocket watches, first-aid kits and GPS systems.
    • Included in the campaign plan is first-aid assistance to injured victims.
    • At the hospital, doctors will continue first-aid measures and protect the damaged skin with dressings.
    • Children would also learn to perform basic first-aid techniques and take responsibility for risky situations.
    • The bleeding stopped in less than a minute, though standard first-aid attempts had not worked.
    • The first-aid people escorted my mother to an army medical van to see if she needed stitches.
    • No staff member had first-aid training and there was an unregistered nurse available for only three hours per day.
    • The conference was full four days of competitions, first-aid seminars and meeting up with other campus first-aid teams.
    • CPR certification is good for one year and first-aid certification is good for three years.
    • He and Ward broke into 40 more hotel rooms to make more space for the wounded before Ward went out to search for first-aid equipment.