Translation of first edition in Spanish:

first edition

primera edición, n.


  • 1

    (issue, book)
    primera edición feminine
    edición príncipe feminine
    • The novel was a great success, the first edition selling out within the week.
    • The first edition of his collected works appeared in 1714.
    • The first edition survives only in part of one copy; the second followed in the same year.
    • Previous sales of Jane Eyre first editions have commanded impressive prices.
    • Last year, a set of four signed first editions went for around £25,000.
    • Good quality first editions can fetch healthy prices.
    • Author JK Rowling has given her personal support to an auction of rare Harry Potter first editions in Salisbury, which are expected to make a five-figure sum for charity.
    • I have transferred her correction to this edition, although it is not in agreement with other uncorrected copies of the first edition.
    • Probably no art book has been as widely read or sold as The Story of Art (first edition, 1950, and now in its sixteenth edition and available in multiple languages).
    • This updated text, first edition published in 1971, incorporates ideas on how managers and presenters can deal with our changing technological world.
    • The title page of the first edition of John Webster's The Duchess of Malfi (1623) gives Richard Burbage the part of Ferdinand.