Translation of fishnet in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈfɪʃˌnɛt/ /ˈfɪʃnɛt/


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    red feminine
    (stockings/tights) (before noun) de malla gruesa
    (stockings/tights) (before noun) de malla de red
    • She was dressed in a short denim skirt, black fishnet stockings and high red sandals.
    • I looked down at my short tartan skirt and fishnet stockings, my black nailpolish was looking good and so was my ripped black tank top.
    • She then stepped into a long, black skirt, and, with much effort, managed to get on her black fishnet stockings.
    • I gathered my long dress in one hand, pulling the material up as far as my knees, revealing black fishnet stockings.
    • She was wearing a blood red tank top, black miniskirt, and fishnet stockings.
    • I pulled out a black long dress, black fishnet stockings, and see through undershirt.
    • PVC, fishnet, Lycra and velvet were worked into corsets, coats and masks.
    • I wore black fishnet stockings and stilettos that wobbled underneath my feet as I stepped.
    • She was wearing a red tube top with a black fishnet top on top of it.
    • She was wearing black leather ankle boots and fishnet stockings.
    • All around the room there was a buzz of voices, and all the people seemed a whirl of fishnet stockings, bright makeup and colorful clothing.
    • Finally she settled on a black corset dress, her skull necklace, black combat boots that went up to her shin and black fishnet tights.
    • I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a pair of legs in knee high boots, fishnet red stockings, and a red and white schoolgirl skirt.
    • She is fairly small in real life, about 5ft 5in, but tall in sling-back stilettos and fishnet stockings.
    • Her hair was long and a deep purple colour and her short skirt revealed gorgeous legs - albeit clad in fishnet stockings.
    • She was wearing a black tank top and a red tartan mini-skirt with fishnet tights and black, leather, knee high boots.
    • She stomped her way across the room, grabbed her by the arms of her black fishnet sleeves and collar shirt and planted a kiss on her.
    • The top was black and sleeveless, with fishnet covering my stomach up to the frayed hem of the fabric that made the actual shirt part.
    • The black fishnet top, and the tight t-shirt with the skull on it weren't quite right for this occasion.
    • Strutting across the stage in fishnet stockings, her long silky legs draw all the attention away from me.