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fisura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈfɪʃər/ /ˈfɪʃə/

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  • 1

    (in rock)
    fisura femenino
    • ‘Earth fissures several feet wide and deep have been observed in Lucerne Valley,’ he said.
    • Early-stage hydrothermal leaching of the limestone created solution cavities and brecciated zones along the fissures and faults, providing sites for subsequent ore deposition.
    • Flat lawns are formed into an abstract pattern that recalls tectonic fractures and fissures in the earth's surface, their edges defined by dark grey concrete retaining walls.
    • There are vertical walls with jagged buttresses, sweeping canyons, arches, narrow gullies and fissures in the rock that develop into caves at the waterline.
    • The occurrence of ventifacts and frost fissures implies a cold, windy periglacial climate.
    • Illuminating fissures and fault lines began to appear.
    • Several stunning sequences show the earth split apart in massive fissures as people tumble like spilled marbles.
    • Sandstone-filled cracks exposed at the unconformity are viewed as periglacial frost fissures.
    • It was a fissure filling of Paleozoic, probably Permian, age.
    • There are over 100 surface pumps that remove water from aquifers, geologic units where water is stored between grains of sand or in rock fissures.
    • In these types of deposits, gold and silver are precipitated by hot springs in fissures, faults, and explosive breccias in the upper portions of the mineral system.
    • The fissures in the rocks seem to burrow ever deeper into the earth and seem blindingly black and dark.
    • Passing through a massive fissure in the rock, you enter a canyon that runs through to open water.
    • Company officials stated that the diamond bit had probably followed one of the rich, narrow copper fissures for some distance, and the core obtained did not represent the true width of the deposit.
    • The shelves and fissures which bisect these rocks are home to edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, prawns, squat lobsters and the occasional large common lobster, which will march out boldly to meet your intrusion.
    • Geysers of steam leapt up from fissures in the rock.
    • The branching dendrites found in moss agate were created by mineral deposits of manganese and iron trapped in fissures within the rock.
    • He ran his hand over a small fissure in the rock floor.
    • She pointed to a fissure in the rock a few feet above her.
    • He found himself following a main fissure down through the rock, the only one wide enough to admit him.
  • 2

    (in organ) cisura femenino
    (in skin) grieta femenino
    (in anus) fisura femenino
    • However, one more frequently finds the commonly described five lobes not separated by fissures.
    • The inferior surfaces of the frontal lobes are separated from those of the temporal lobes by the lateral fissure.
    • In this natural and inevitable process of atrophy, parts of the brain shrink, while the sulci, or fissures of the brain become shallower and wider.
    • The surgery went for eight hours; it was complicated by tentacles wrapped around the optic nerve and extending into the choroidal fissure which is the groove on the surface of the optic stalk.
    • A chest radiograph shows right pleural wall thickening following the contour of the minor fissure consistent with right pleural effusion.