Translation of fistful in Spanish:


puñado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪs(t)fʊl/


  • 1

    puñado masculine
    • The newest tech tycoons, they prophesied, would be left clutching fistfuls of worthless options.
    • A festival staffer came by and gave them a fistful of free passes.
    • It is gorgeously shot, a stunning film to look at, and contains a fistful of stunning set pieces.
    • The piece ended with the cast hurling fistfuls of flowers toward the audience.
    • Already it's won him a fistful of awards and thousands more fans in New Zealand.
    • Suddenly, months later, I find myself with fistfuls of Mozart, Schubert, and Ravel under my fingers and a quickly approaching recital engagement.
    • I sit on my rock with a fistful of raisins and listen.
    • It's a fistful of phone, this one—heavy and fat, sheathed in leather like a police radio.
    • Watching it is like being fed fistfuls of scorched earth, but as horrible as that sounds, it's a fantastic film.
    • The film has plenty of heart, plenty of style, and a fistful of solid laughs.