Translation of fitful in Spanish:


intermitente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪtfəl/ /ˈfɪtfʊl/ /ˈfɪtf(ə)l/

Definition of intermitente in Spanish


  • 1

    (bursts/progress/sunshine) intermitente
    (bursts/progress/sunshine) irregular
    (sleep) irregular
    • His sleep was fitful and intermittent, and he soon rose from bed to go and see his son.
    • I snatched six hours of restless, fitful sleep before having to get back into the office.
    • She did not practice at all, and immediately drifted into a restless and fitful sleep, though she did not know why.
    • The sun rose in the late evening usually just when Eva was beginning to fall into fitful sleep with restless dreams.
    • I fell into a fitful, restless sleep, one that was preoccupied with thoughts of him.
    • So a fitful night's sleep leads me to another gray, chilly and rainy day.
    • I spent most of the night trying not to be sick and catching a few fitful hours of sleep, but I was much better by the next day.
    • Waking from a fitful and fevered sleep to the sounds of hip hop blasting through the house is not the kind of experience I wanted this morning.
    • Shortly after we finished, we turned in for what proved to be a long night of fitful sleep.
    • I then had to leave to see to my children but was back at the hospital by 9.00 am after a fitful night's sleep.
    • Her sleep is fitful and she often stays in bed until midday, too weak to move or because the pain is too severe.
    • Sleep was very fitful last night, as every time I moved I was woken by the pain.
    • It took the edge off the pain, relaxed me and enabled me to get some fitful sleep.
    • I woke up on Tuesday morning after a few hours fitful sleep and went back to the hospital.
    • Last night was particularly disturbing because I had fitful dreams on the edge of consciousness.
    • She kissed him on his forehead as he slipped back into sleep, taken by fitful dreams of howling in the forest.
    • She mumbled something and shut her eyes, falling into a fitful sleep.
    • Kara had a fitful night sleep before waking up early.
    • Don wrapped his protective arms around her and didn't leave her until he had rocked her to a fitful sleep two hours later.
    • He fell into a fitful, worried sleep, and woke up about three hours later.