Translation of fitness test in Spanish:

fitness test

prueba de estado físico, n.


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    prueba de estado físico feminine
    • He was passed fit to play after a fitness test at training last night.
    • He faces a fitness test on the hamstring injury he suffered in Monday night's Premiership win.
    • Several players face late fitness tests.
    • He passed his fitness test with flying colours.
    • Two Sligo players will undergo fitness tests before the team is announced tonight.
    • Police desperate to find new recruits are struggling to fill vacancies because up to half the applicants fail basic fitness tests.
    • They underwent physical fitness tests to measure strength, endurance, and flexibility.
    • He is not yet 100% fit, but I will know more after his fitness tests this evening.
    • Others will play today only after passing late fitness tests.
    • This week I've been in the gym and have done fitness tests.