Translation of five in Spanish:


cinco, n.

Pronunciation /faɪv/ /fʌɪv/

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    cinco masculine
    → see also four
    • The sum of money is the equivalent of four or five month's wages for a fisherman in the area.
    • Now there were just four points between the teams with five minutes of the half remaining.
    • Bring to a full rolling boil, add the knob of butter and boil rapidly for four to five minutes, until setting point is reached.
    • He was also critical of a proposal to make many timetabled journeys to London four to five minutes longer.
    • Warm over a low heat for four to five minutes, until the dates are softened.
    • Half an hour is five minutes longer than it used to take from the flat.
    • The five minutes at the end of the first half were the five minutes which separated the teams.
    • The referee had to add on over five minutes in each half to allow for balls to be retrieved.
    • Mark now stretches out four or five days a week for up to half an hour each day.
    • Our masterpiece must be no longer than five minutes, no shorter than four.
    • He was wearing a white hooded top with red writing across the chest and a number five on the back.
    • She told me there was a man in unit five that she was looking for.
    • However, she was admitted, given five more units of blood, and kept in to await a vacancy in the hospice.
    • The application was for nine town houses, a restaurant, five shop units and flats above the shops.
    • Young drivers are set to increase in number over the next five years.
    • New magazines and newspaper supplements devoted to design have risen in number in the last five years.
    • The running of the number five service will be altered to ensure the new 17 bus can run to timetable.
    • I have five players under the age of 20 and it's extremely difficult for them.
    • There are more than five people of working age to every pensioner in Ireland.
    • However old you are, every woman needs five fashion garments to form the basis of her wardrobe.


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    (invariable adjective) cinco
    → see also four