Translation of fixed in Spanish:


fijo, adj.

Pronunciation /fɪkst/

Definition of fijo in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(unchanging)

      (price/rate/premium) fijo
      (principles/position/view) rígido
      a man of fixed ideas un hombre de ideas fijas
      • of no fixed abode sin domicilio fijo
      • ‘With the markets having calmed down and with fixed rates fairly highly priced, borrowers are looking more at discounts or trackers,’ she said.
      • These mortgages are primarily priced at a fixed rate.
      • And some continental countries have still had house price booms despite fixed rates.
      • But even a loan with a variable interest rate may contain provision for a fixed rate period.
      • In each case there is an arrangement fee of £299 with no tie-ins after the fixed rate period.
      • During this period fixed rate mortgages have increased by nearly half a point to 5.97%.
      • But if you think you'll be in your home for a longer period, a fixed rate may be a better choice, he says.
      • We have now changed it to a fixed price of £190,000.
      • Instead, she said the change to a fixed price agreement allowed Irish Rail more control over what methods would be used during the project.
      • Prior to the recent changes, this fixed price included free fruit, yoghurts and desserts.
      • They want me to quote a fixed price.
      • Fixed rates are exactly that, loans with a fixed rate of interest for an agreed period, usually two, three or five years.
      • The advantage for the farmer is that he can plan his requirements and have guaranteed delivery of his feed inputs at a fixed price over an agreed period of time.
      • The bonds pay a fixed rate of interest, currently 3%.
      • After paying a deposit (usually a minimum of ten per cent), you pay monthly instalments over a fixed term at a fixed rate of interest.
      • There is no standard fixed price veterinarians must charge for certain operations, and it's a seller's market.
      • Even homes in two of the city's most sought-after suburbs, were on the market at fixed prices.
      • With one house in Bearsden already on the market for a fixed price of £2m, a new record is likely this year.
      • In the past, the greatest flexibility that mortgage holders were offered was the choice of a variable or a fixed rate.
      • A fixed rate of interest is applied, which is usually much higher than the general retail rate.
      • It is not for this column to enter the political debate over ID cards - the Government evidently has its own fixed view of their value, consultations notwithstanding.
      • We also want to send visitors who come up with a fixed view of Highlands culture away happy.
      • He was a consummate pragmatist, but he was guided by fixed views.
      • And then, of course, there are the vast swathes of people in the middle who don't have a fixed view either way.
      • When the general acts with a fixed view, every bit of new information is interpreted in relation to that view, and emerging possibilities are missed.
      • I mean if you're doing one thing all your life and becoming procedurally more and more adept at that one thing, then you're going to end up with quite a fixed view of things.
      • This means that he held the conclusion as a fixed view and tried to bring forward arguments in favour of it, though without logical success.
      • The view that childhood is a fixed notion, determined by biological and psychological facts rather than culture or society, is implicit.
      • From the moment that we are born into the world to the day in which we die, we as humans develop our own systems of fixed beliefs; paradigms that we accept as truths and therefore rarely question.
      • Diverting off at a tangent for a second, I'm wondering if all of these unexpected phenomena indicate that I have a head full of fixed expectations that might be holding me back in other areas.
      • The fixed standpoint ossifies while the world moves on.
      • His songs lend themselves to other voices, they are not bound by fixed notions of gender, time or place.
      • Korean Buddhist thought devoted itself to philosophical reformation and the overcoming of fixed concepts from the beginning.
      • Since he has never been to Indonesia before, he did not want to come with a fixed concept, but rather to discover the new situation first.
      • Taking it a step further, few news reports have examined how society's fixed notion of gender roles may determine more than just who is being bullied.
      • That said, I believe this could work to our advantage as there tends to be a fixed expectation and image about their cars.
      • Perceived value is certainly not a fixed notion, for it varies over a host of ever-changing attributes.
      • Art teachers can think of this activity as a means to circumvent fixed attitudes about drawing in a naturalistic mode.
      • These efforts tend to see childhood as a fixed notion and not to appreciate the importance of culture within society.
      • A delusion is a fixed belief in something manifestly absurd or untrue, and that can't be overcome by reason.

    • 1.2(prearranged)

      (date/time) fijado
      a fixed-term contract un contrato a plazo fijo
      • a fixed-price contract un contrato a tanto alzado

  • 2

    (steady, unmoving)
    (gaze/attention) fijo
    (smile/expression) petrificado
    • As the tape finished, the light flicked back on again, leaving me staring at my own reflection once more, my fixed expression registering even more stunned shock than before.
    • But because Mia was their first child, they assumed the fixed expression on her face was normal for a newborn baby.
    • It is then that they noticed that his eyes have a fixed expression, then when they saw him open the book in hand and move his fingers across to read the Braille and laugh to himself.
    • He seemed to carry on a silent battle, but then sighed and a fixed expression came over his face.
    • I rushed to the mouth of my garage and stood next to Will, who was looking out with a fixed expression.
    • It was, as a glance around the fixed expressions in the room confirmed, a time for private thoughts.
    • The soldier just stared back at him, expression fixed and stony.
    • His features were pale and gaunt, a fixed, haunted expression upon his face.
    • Most of her paintings were self-portraits showing her with a fixed, expressionless face staring out at viewers.
    • He does this while staring me straight in the eye, a fixed smile on his face.
    • Mr. Billingham's mouth, normally in a fixed smile, was as straight as the ruler Mother uses to whack me once in a while, a ruler facing horizontally.
    • I lost my patience and I lost my fixed greeting smile.
    • With painfully fixed smiles, the children kept the curious foreigners entertained for a while, and then at the end invited us to dance a traditional folk dance with them.
    • He's wheelchair bound, and had an eerie sort of fixed smile on his face.
    • She has staring eyes and a permanent pert, fixed smile.
    • On closer inspection, the women's tight, fixed smiles betrayed the very end of patience.
    • Two young women in knee-length boots and fixed smiles are schmoozing the room.
    • Cabin crew are supposed to wear fixed smiles: she looked as gloomy as gloomy can be.
    • Now there was a book that told us what really goes on behind the tall railings and fixed smiles.
    • The eyes were always fixed ahead and regarded us only as obstacles to be sidestepped.
  • 3informal

    (provided with)
    how are you fixed for money/time/food? ¿qué tal andas / estás de dinero/tiempo/comida? informal
    • my husband left me comfortably fixed for money mi marido me dejó en posición acomodada