Translation of fixer in Spanish:


fijador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈfɪksər/ /ˈfɪksə/

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  • 1

    fijador masculine
    • If you have had your hands in any chemicals, especially fixer, wash them with soap and dry them well.
    • Subsequent treatment involves stop bath, fixer, wash, and wetting agent rinse, followed by sponging to remove surface silver deposit.
    • Before the real fun begins, discuss with the class the purpose of paper developer, stop bath, fixer and the water wash.
    • Do not use this solution for testing film fixer.
    • I use a water rinse and an alkaline fixer for about four minutes.
    • Use fresh fixer for each batch of film or a two bath method with the second bath used as the first bath for the next batch of film.
    • Develop the prints for the recommended time for our enlarging paper; then use a stop bath and fixer.
    • After development the print was stopped with acetic acid and fixed for 45 seconds each in two baths of rapid fixer.
    • After reduction, the print should be agitated in rapid fixer for 30 seconds before toning.
    • ‘I borrowed some do-it-yourself photography books and began to buy little bottles of developing fluid and fixer with my pocket money,’ he remembers.
    • At work, I smelt of developer and fixer and the fug of the darkroom.
    • Bulk chemicals were bought wholesale from chemical supply companies to make developer and fixer for black and white, as well as color processing.
    • After the exposure period, slides were developed using developer and fixer.
  • 2 slang

    coyote masculine, feminine Mexico informal
    amañador masculine
    amañadora feminine
    • In any case, conference arrangements fixers had enabled Labour's vociferous anti-war faction - and the union opposition to private sector involvement in the reform of public services - to get their retaliation in first.
    • What about the businesses, the companies, the legitimate American companies that are working with these handlers, these coyotes, these fixers and giving people jobs?
    • That night, a gaggle of reporters and political fixers were travelling on the then Vice President's private jet.
    • In a well-heeled sport whose corridors are crowded with fixers, agents and sponsors, it is time for the public to grab its own chance to be selfish.
    • It has seen through his willingness to line Britain up with a small clique of ruthless and cynical big business fixers in the US.
    • Nobody looked twice at her as she made her way along to the small cluster of offices at one end - her look suggested she was just one of the thugs from down below, so the smartly dressed fixers and leaders kept busy chatting to one another.
    • And we have to answer that the politicians and their fixers are taking our money, hijacking our democracy, stifling debate and treating voters with contempt.
    • He said illegal immigrants paid thousands of pounds to fixers to win their passport into the UK.
    • With just 50 rooms and a team of bright young fixers (‘butler ‘is considered demeaning), this is a genuine boutique hotel.
    • And so Walt finds that beyond translation, they lack the freethinking journalistic skills to perform some of the other tasks that fixers usually do in foreign countries, such as generating stories and finding leads.
    • The so-called sherpas - government fixers who pave the way for agreement when their leaders gather - went into overdrive, using the myriad rooms of the Gleneagles Hotel to reconstitute disagreements into compromises.
    • Politicians are of many kinds, including place-men, fixers, conscientious representatives, and dictators, but the exigencies of responsible power mean politics can be a vocation.
    • Known as one of the biggest fixers in all walks of British life - he advises the Prime Minister, has also been courted by the Conservatives and either chairs or sits on numerous public bodies - he probably set the merger ball rolling.
    • The Israeli government press office announced last summer that it would revise its criteria for issuing press cards to Palestinian cameramen, fixers, and interpreters at the beginning of this year.
    • An unabashed populist and publicity seeker he is one of their key fundraisers and fixers.
    • Now, with pressure mounting, Arab journalists, along with Arab translators and fixers employed by international news organizations, are retreating, too.
    • Mark is the quartet's organiser, fixer and he hosts the regular sessions in his house.