There are 2 main translations of flaming in Spanish

: flaming1flaming2


llameante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfleɪmɪŋ/

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    • 1.1

      (logs/coals) llameante
      • Very few domestic rooms have the proportions of a grand hall that are needed to carry off one of those huge wrought-iron chandeliers sporting fiercely flaming torches.
      • They fell to the ground, flames licking around their flaming bodies.
      • She saw them burning buildings, with flaming torches in their hands and astride their monstrous steed.
      • One night I dined outside on exquisite chilled cucumber soup and chicken tikka, in the flickering light of flaming torches.
      • The 12 soldiers, supported by a team of specialist fire fighters from the Royal Navy, doused the flaming car with foam and bought the blaze under control.
      • NTV showed pictures of the flaming wreckage of a car at a crossroads in the capital.
      • They grabbed the hose from a junior firefighter and aimed it at three flaming cars in the car park to prevent an explosion.
      • Jeff had read between the journalist's lines, and seen the pictures of flaming cars in the south.
      • When his vision had cleared, he saw his father standing motionless in the doorway, staring at the flaming wreck of the car.
      • Using felled trees, flaming tyres and cars, residents blocked entry to several towns.
      • The flaming car was stuck in the corner of the street, mixed along with a few other cars.
      • Nibs takes a flaming stick from the fire to light his cigar.
      • My mother and father were sitting by the flaming fire chatting quietly.
      • People gather on the shore and archers fire flaming arrows at his boat.
      • When carried aloft in the form of a flaming torch, a light is a symbol of victory and leadership.
      • Flames licked the old branches and pebble-sized balls of flaming ash littered the stage.
      • Witnesses near Lake Constance reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing a ball of fire and flaming pieces of wreckage crashing towards the ground.
      • The stage was quickly transformed into a flaming inferno.
      • The point of the training will be to create more flair at the bar, but not the kind that involves flipping bottle and flaming drinks, he says.
      • Dom raised his flaming torch to the closest unlit one on the wall.

    • 1.2(brilliant)

      (red/orange) encendido
      • She remembers pine trees, huge lakes surrounded with rock, flaming autumn colours and winters that left her cold six months of the year.
      • It ‘gave a rotundity to my person, a wave and curl to my hair, and perhaps led me to fancy pictorial illustration and flaming colours’.
      • He's short but not too short, thin but not anemic, and his red hair is bright without being flaming.
      • Suddenly, an image appeared in the darkness; a single image of a bright flaming sphere being towed by a fleet of familiar lumpy space ships.
      • It was enough to start the trees turning and although we might mourn the passing of summer, cool clear autumn days filled with flaming trees are amongst the most beautiful of the year.
      • Out of the darkness of the sky there appeared many bright, flaming lights.
      • I glanced worriedly at Rora, her long flaming hair covered her face that was tilted towards the cold ground.
      • Sahara blushed and leaned over her horse's neck, her long red-brown hair falling over her flaming cheeks.
      • She's already dressed, already pancaked with makeup, and her flaming hair has already been fussed with until even Angela is happy with it.
      • The older girl slipped in and began to remove her jacket, taking a pause to shake her head free of snowflakes, though only in vain as they clung to her flaming hair.
      • Her eyes went round as saucers at that thought that came out of nowhere, and hastily ducked her head, hoping her hair covered her flaming cheeks.
      • And though his flaming hair was no match, he looked as though he was a giant.
      • Adelaide stuck out horribly there, with her flaming hair and green outfit.
      • Harris had Marcia's flaming hair, her fair skin, and her constantly shifting hazel eyes.
      • His hair was flaming like her own, and he crookedly smiled his recognition.
      • The lines and the wrinkles weren't there before, and the flaming hair had been cropped short.
      • The shackles had fallen away and reflected the glow of the man's flaming hair.
      • The dark girl looks back at the guy with flaming hair then she looks back at the stage.
      • There's magic in any family vacation with beautiful beaches, balmy trade-winds, and flaming sunsets.
      • Up the bare trunks of trees were grown passion flowers, flaming nasturtiums, jasmine, and honeysuckles to finish the picturesque scene.

  • 2

    (quarrel/passion) violento
    she was in a flaming temper / rage estaba furibunda
    • Once again, his simple gestures fueled a flaming battle between my heart and my mind.
    • I think someone might have either a very long wait, or a flaming row.
    • Both had a flaming passion for weaponry, and this place had fuel aplenty.
    • All the major protagonists have volatile relationships with one another, thus their encounters crackle with heated discussions and flaming arguments.
    • The burning winds of fundamentalism, the flaming anger of impressionable youth, claim many a victim.
  • 3British informal

    maldito informal
    condenado informal
    take the flaming car! ¡llévate el maldito / condenado coche! informal
    • you flaming idiot! ¡pedazo de idiota!
    • what a flaming cheek! ¡qué cara más dura!
    • it's flaming ridiculous! ¡qué ridiculez!
    • I was flaming mad estaba que trinaba
    • But for many other people, they are a flaming nuisance.
    • Barak had stopped chasing him for the moment, but that didn't mean he was prepared to listen to the flaming nuisance.
    • Even the much lauded Henrik Larsson looks more keen on setting up than sticking the damned ball in the flaming net.
    • I felt slightly mollified by the fact that it hadn't all been my fault, although I was still flaming angry at Andrew for his sneaky, malicious trick.

There are 2 main translations of flaming in Spanish

: flaming1flaming2


flameo, n.


informal Computing
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    flameo masculine
    intercambio de flames masculine