Translation of flat-chested in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌflætˈtʃɛstəd/


  • 1

    she's very flat-chested no tiene nada de busto
    • Mia is too tall; she's got feet like skis; she's flat-chested; she's failing algebra; her Mom is dating her algebra teacher; and she's in love with a senior, while she's only a lowly freshman.
    • Doesn't anyone realise you can't turn a flat-chested woman into a pneumatic goddess by feeding her hamburgers?
    • Well, I only did that because you told Mary I said she was flat-chested!
    • I'm just speaking out for all flat-chested girls across America!
    • I looked like a flat-chested girl with a training bra on.
    • Have you any advice for flat-chested girls, Hillary?
    • Here she just demonstrates her humorlessness, pastiness and how painful a push-up bra looks on a flat-chested girl.
    • For some reason Tom'd expected her to have better bosoms, but the girl was almost flat-chested.
    • There's nothing sexier than a flat-chested woman with a little t-shirt and no bra.
    • She called me up, really stressed because she was struggling to find anyone flat-chested who liked their breasts.
    • A flat-chested young lady goes to Dr. Smith for advice about breast enlargements.
    • I was really skinny and flat-chested, and I always wanted breasts.
    • She said: ‘I was made fun of at school, for being flat-chested and skinny.’
    • I am made fun of by boys because I am flat-chested.
    • ‘He asked me if I was a woman or a man because I was flat-chested,’ she remembered.
    • As a flat-chested 31-year-old Air Force doctor, she decided it was time to change.
    • I love to show off my tan, but those sexy low-cut tops look ridiculous on me because I'm flat-chested.