Translation of flatness in Spanish:


lo llano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈflætnəs/ /ˈflatnəs/


  • 1

    (of ground, countryside) lo llano
    (of surface, object) lo plano
    • Although his compositions retain the flatness of the computer screen, they are transformed into dynamic explorations of color and perception.
    • The aluminum bands and rivets that comprise the work can only speak of the brushed surface or the inexorable flatness of the metal.
    • And yet these tiles merely emphasize the flatness of the fronts, and their colors are rarely exploited.
    • The implied stench is unrelieved by the exciting way that bright colors and a variety of textures clash with the photograph's flatness and glossy surface.
    • The razor blade, can top, and shirtsleeve placed parallel to the picture plane reiterate its flatness, while depth is evoked by linear perspective.
    • These impenetrable brambles both recede into space and hold the painting's surface, negotiating that double sense of depth and flatness, landscape and abstraction.
    • We see a surface which has the absolute embedded flatness of inlay, of tarsia.
    • The form of the building recalls ancient Venetian palazzi, but it is treated in a more abstract fashion, with an emphasis on the flatness of the external surface.
    • His subsequent freestanding sculptures compressed space into virtual flatness, with mass and volume only implied.
    • A perfect perspectival illusion of depth coexists with an effect of surface flatness which can suggest mosaic or marquetry.
    • Long earth berms conceal cars and animate the pancake flatness of the suburban topography.
    • The flatness is what people refer to about the Midwest when they drive through from the mountain ranges, or the towering forests, or the canyons or the cliffs, or the lolling bluegrass hills.
    • It isn't named after the flatness of the land, but instead, was where the land was first cleared for development - meratakan, or rata, tanah - and was later called Tanah Rata by the constructors.
    • Tess stood still upon the hemmed expanse of verdant flatness, like a fly on a billiard-table of indefinite length, and of no more consequence to the surroundings than that fly.
    • My geography is the laying out of a great flatness peopled with cairns.
    • For him, the very flatness of the Midwest is heartening, with "no impediments to your horizon."
    • Having moved to the flatness of the piedmont, I have a great appreciation for the hills of Iowa.
    • The long straightaway on 4th Ave, and its relative flatness, was great for keeping up my pace and momentum.
    • I hate its sterile landscape, its featureless flatness, its retail-and-business-park characterlessness.
    • This water isn't going to run off quickly because of the flatness of this area.
  • 2

    • 2.1derogatory (of photograph, painting)

      falta de contraste feminine
      • A quick frisson marks the transition from the warm, languid flatness of late summer to the sharp chill of autumn.
      • My favorite scenes come when the film's comic energy is allowed to outrun its carefully maintained arty flatness.
      • His performance speaks to both the honesty of the episode discussions and the flatness of this episode.
      • He has applied this avant-garde sensibility to an exploration of social and political issues, giving his experimental forms the unadorned flatness of naturalist filmmaking.
      • As bad as the acting is, it's no match for the flatness the director achieves.
      • Perhaps the performances are to blame for the material's flatness, but I believe there's little that could be done with this material.
      • No amount of Oscar credibility, or acting chops, can lift these characters from their cardboard flatness.
      • There is a noticeable flatness to the character that makes it hard to understand what he might be running from.
      • What discourages one in this director is the flatness and superficiality of his projects from the heart.
      • The others onstage, striving for high-energy precision, had a paper-doll flatness and zero affect.

    • 2.2

      (of conversation, party) lo soso informal
      (of voice, tone) monotonía feminine
      she felt a sense of flatness se sentía alicaída / abatida

  • 3

    (of reply, refusal)
    lo rotundo