Translation of flaw in Spanish:


defecto, n.

Pronunciation /flɔ/ /flɔː/

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  • 1

    (in material, glass)
    defecto masculine
    imperfección feminine
    falla feminine
    fallo masculine Spain
    • Scratches, marks, dents, stains, blemishes or flaws are worth money to you, because they mean price reductions!
    • Evaluate each garment and clearly mark stains, flaws or worn areas.
    • I sometimes use vintage fabrics, and these tend to have flaws: small marks, fading, tiny pinholes are all typical of vintage fabric.
    • The video transfer captures those colors nicely, and there are no marks or digital flaws to detract from the enjoyment of the film.
    • Also, carefully check for any flaws or imperfections.
    • Foundations and powders were layered on - applied to hide our skin as well as our self-perceived flaws and imperfections.
    • Hanna Gregory stared at her reflection on the mirror, searching for flaws and imperfections on herself.
    • The detail in the image is sharp without any major flaws or imperfections marring the image.
    • She found it a relief not to be examining her posture for flaws and imperfections.
    • Her tanned skin was angelic, he couldn't find a single flaw or blemish.
    • As expected from such a new release, this is a great looking picture that shows hardly any imperfections or flaws.
    • The image has many flaws: nicks, scratches, persistent lines down the center, jitter, and a host of other problems.
    • Perfect good looks like his can sometimes turn me off - it's the little flaws and imperfections which give a man character - but not tonight.
    • Colors are natural and fully-saturated, and there are few source flaws like scratches or pock-marks.
    • I can point out where flaws and blemishes have been removed as well as body alterations made.
    • Whereas a translation error is like an inkblot marring one copy of a book, a mutation is a flaw in the printing plate, reproduced in every copy.
    • As is predictable in a 30-year-old print, we spot occasional damage and flaws here and there.
    • Why shouldn't I just pay someone to fix my every flaw, cover my every blemish and erase my every imperfection?
    • It shows every bulge, every stretch mark, and every flaw.
    • And nearly half would attempt to hide stains and other flaws by putting a chair or a plant pot over a mark on the carpet.
  • 2

    (in argument) error masculine
    (in character) defecto masculine
    • Leftists have been known to use literary theory to demonstrate flaws in science.
    • He demonstrates logical flaws in the theory and points out its fallacies.
    • Its trading business was launched in 1990, but big flaws in the business plan were already apparent to insiders by 1995.
    • What are the fundamental flaws in this theory or paradigm?
    • Any flaws in the plans should be exposed by the exercises that will be sprung on countries without prior warning over the next two months.
    • How could he fail to see the flaws in the evidence?
    • If one military commander can see flaws in a plan others should too.
    • Complaints have also been made to the Ombudsman alleging flaws in planning procedures, but these have been rejected.
    • We found people were willing to be encouraging while at the same time pointing out gaping flaws in our plans!
    • Identify positive team and individual actions, flaws in the plan, and areas for improvement.
    • Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation.
    • It's not going to make up for fundamental flaws in your business plan or training.
    • Now you may remember that earlier I told you there were flaws in my plan.
    • Incredibly, he attempts to deflect criticism toward the political leadership for the fundamental flaws in the plan.
    • As Veil continued to dig, he discovered two major flaws in his plan.
    • But if recent tragic events have exposed flaws in your long-term plan, get to work.
    • Taken as a whole, there are more strengths than flaws in the floor plan.
    • Anthony was prepared to point out several flaws in this plan, but he kept his mouth shut.
    • Peer review has long been criticised for failing to identify flaws in research.
    • I can tell you from experience that the public financing system, despite numerous flaws in reporting and timing requirements, works.
    • Experiencing depression after childbirth isn't a character flaw or a weakness.
    • Fitz is a character filled with flaws and faults, all just waiting for a fissure to weep and seep out of.
    • Doesn't this self-serving recklessness suggest a character flaw, a lack of seriousness, some failure of judgement?
    • Like the majority of fat women, being fat for me was indicative of severe depression, character flaws, laziness, lack of self-respect and greed.
    • Do you think they just have a screenwriting computer programme that builds in all these character flaws and foibles?
    • Still he shows the sensitivity to show the weakness, vulnerabilities, and flaws of the character.
    • For all the older generation's flaws, the younger characters of the film are weaker, more self-centered and less promising.
    • These are not trivial errors on your part, they reveal a fundamental flaw in your character.
    • Lack of clarity is not a character flaw, so be kind to yourself, but take action.
    • He conveys John's hesitancy as a lack of assertiveness, rather than a character flaw.
    • I worried I would overlook huge character flaws because I was somehow chemically engineered to be in unhealthy relationships.
    • What she calls jokes often seem to me thinly disguised reproaches of his behaviour or character flaws, the only difference is that she laughs afterwards.
    • I have many character flaws, but then again, who doesn't?
    • It's a wonderful, quirky friendship that evolves and blossoms, in spite of the two main characters and their flaws.
    • ‘I think I'm interested in human characters that show flaws and virtues,’ he says.
    • Each character, despite their flaws, is like ourselves or someone we know.
    • He pointed out my character flaws without mercy or compassion.
    • Despite the obvious flaws of these characters, the film neither picks sides between the two sisters, nor does it condemn the failings of the two.
    • We all have character flaws and being judgemental is not my style.