Translation of flay in Spanish:


desollar, v.

Pronunciation /fleɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (remove skin)
    • His carcass was also flayed, the skin torn into pieces and sold as souvenirs.
    • A young man is suspended naked from a tree, prior to being flayed alive for daring to make music more harmonious than Apollo's.
    • Employees who do not comply will be flayed alive and slowly chopped into little pieces.
    • ‘And you'd find out what it's like to be flayed alive,’ I responded with an unnatural calm.
    • Pärt was looking at Anish Kapoor's immense sculpture ‘Marsyas’, named after the Greek satyr who was flayed alive after losing a musical contest with Apollo.
    • The now ex-king heard rumours of the impending showdown and when the group arrived had them arrested, ordered they be flayed alive and flogged to death.
    • It's yet another reason why they all should be crucified and flayed alive.
    • Some might argue that a man being impaled, flayed alive and left to bake in the desert could hardly be categorized as wholesomely edifying entertainment.
    • On he goes, pausing to read his poems by pictures of the screaming faces of The Skinned Man, flayed alive as a sacrifice by Aztec priests, and a skull from The Day of the Dead.
    • The witch of this city hall scandal was being flayed alive.
    • If I had the power, I would have every single one of these inhuman monsters responsible for this travesty flayed alive.
    • It shows a man being flayed alive - slowly, methodically and with increasing savagery.
    • There were even some claiming that a traitor's death was too good for her, that she should be executed in the old way: flayed alive and then thrown into the sea.
    • It seemed almost as if he was being flayed alive and his flesh seared away, layer by layer.
    • She shall be transfixed to your Temple doors and flayed alive!
    • His implication is that therefore they deserved to be mistreated - starved, beaten, flayed alive - but the key point of those who object to torture is that no-one deserves to be treated like that.
    • He was flayed and his skin mounted on the door as a warning.
    • They said they would kill me, flay me and a lot of other things.
  • 2informal

    I'll flay him (alive) ¡lo voy a desollar vivo! informal
    • One held him in a firm grasp, while the guards watched from the near; and Viro faced the butte, his back naked, as the woman flayed him again and again with a horse-whip.
    • The enemy stood shocked as the heavy weapon flayed him open, and he fell to the ground.
    • They should flog him and flay him if they so desire.
    • The creatures seemed upset and began to flay the skin on their backs with flails and whips they carried in holsters around the thick trunk of their neck.
  • 3

    the critics really flayed the movie los críticos hicieron trizas la película