Translation of flea market in Spanish:

flea market

mercado de las pulgas, n.


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    mercado de las pulgas masculine
    mercado de pulgas masculine Southern Cone
    rastro masculine Spain
    • The Jam will also have a flea market where you can sell, buy and barter musical instruments, audiotapes, CDs and rock T-shirts.
    • There was a flea market selling daft antiques - mainly old junk that it was difficult to imagine anyone buying.
    • Garcia said US Customs began tracking Guthrie after undercover agents linked him to pirated discs being sold at a Mississippi flea market.
    • The city approved renovations for a flea market at Norwood Plaza Shopping Center at 5451 Norwood Ave.
    • The flea market attached to the St. Jacob's market sells many interesting and unique items.
    • We also need a proper weekly flea market and secondhand book market just for starters.
    • Present each with a small amount of cash (a fiver maximum), take them to the local flea market or car boot sale and let them browse around hoovering up the bargains.
    • We see all this talk about what the flea market customers think, a survey carried out in the flea market is bound to show most people being in favour even if most of them are from outside Craven.
    • Perhaps, when you were young, your parents stopped at a flea market while on vacation and one vendor was selling old kitchen cupboards.
    • Nothing is more thrilling than discovering an old discarded treasure at a flea market or yard sale, purchasing it and placing it high on a shelf in your home where it will sit and be admired for years to come!
    • Sometimes an individual, after swinging a sweetheart deal at the flea market or auction, wants to know just how old a machine is.
    • There is a flea market and fun fair planned for Zoo Lake, in Parkview.
    • The streets were filled with booths like a shanty flea market.
    • If the author is correct in the assertion that one person is paying £26,000 in rents for a flea market, this does suggest that it is a business, rather than a charity.
    • Right in town, the weekly flea market continues to grow as vendors hawk their wares and produce to all who desire the freshest of what our area has to offer.
    • That's him in front of his store in the flea market!
    • Once a month in the summer locals gathered on the courthouse lawn for the flea market, exchanging gossip and junk under the big pecan trees.
    • She was still in her boots, brown Doc Martens that she bought on sale at the flea market just last week, when her life wasn't so dramatic.
    • And every Sunday, like a weekly ritual, a flea market also appears.
    • Experience the flea market - where junk shines brighter than neon!