Translation of fleecy in Spanish:


afelpado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈflisi/ /ˈfliːsi/

adjective fleecier, fleeciest

  • 1

    (jacket/lining/blanket) afelpado
    • A soft, fleecy blanket covered her body and she felt warm.
    • Stroller accessories such as rain, sun and wind shades and warm fleecy liners can keep your passenger toasty and dry.
    • Ian returns with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, fleecy and smelling of soap and faint cologne.
    • I spent a chunk of this weekend buying fleecy jackets, socks and other warm/windproof items from hearty outdoors-y shops, and digging my hiking boots out of the bottom of the cupboard.
    • His blue fleecy top in particular was really soft.
    • The attacker is described as a Caucasian male with pale skin, 15-18 years old, approximately six foot tall and wearing a faded dark fleecy sweater with a hood.
    • A former Miss UK who traded her swimsuit for thermal underwear and fleecy jackets to compete in the world's toughest endurance challenge is keeping pace with the leaders after a slow start.
    • I've got a big green fleecy pullover on, and I'm STILL cold.
    • So far, he enjoys digging up the fleecy blanket.
    • ‘You don't prepare,’ he says, as he dries off, zipping up his fleecy one-piece suit.
    • It was in Glasgow, in bed, in fleecy pyjamas - and, being 11 years old, he knew he was a bit of a latecomer to the children's classic.
    • Turn the ladies on by wearing these fleecy bedsocks.
    • With that, it was up with the zipper of the multi-layered fleecy coat and off to bed before lunchtime for what turned out to be seven hours straight sleep.
    • I pulled the zipper on my fleecy jacket right up to my neck and managed perfectly well but poor Graham shivered in a t-shirt and open denim jacket.
    • I was gasping for some air by that stage so I donned a fleecy jacket and took my wake-up coffee out to sit alongside Mr Rusty for a while.
    • I particularly like the feel of it when worn without the fleecy inner.
    • I'm wearing a t-shirt, a shirt and a fleecy top and finding myself pigging out compulsively on carbs.
    • Your clothing should be made from wool, cotton or fleecy synthetic fibres.
    • They're a great excuse to snuggle up in front of the telly wrapped in a fleecy blanket with a hot water bottle and a hot toddy.
    • One wore a pair of sky blue trainers with white laces and one wore a grey coloured fleecy sports hooded top.
  • 2

    (clouds) algodonoso
    (clouds) aborregado
    • Bill was carrying a pair of 7x50 binoculars, which gave him a closeup look at the rugged coastline with fleecy white clouds hovering over the mountain backdrop.
    • Blue sky, fleecy white clouds, buttercup fields, babbling streams - the works.
    • Down below, the pastoral green sun-drenched Czech landscape drifting slowly beneath fleecy white clouds - and countless menacing shells were bursting in between.
    • The water around the boat is like molten gold, the black hills ahead of us back lit by yellow-white light and the sky is a rhapsody of fleecy cloud in blue, pink, red, grey and orange.
    • When he emerges in an idealized landscape of verdant greens, the pristine surface of Luzu Lake mirrors the fleecy cumulus clouds and penetrating blue sky overhead.
    • Great fleecy clouds, floating across the azure sky, sent purplish shadows wandering in the valleys over which the road lay like a fragile ribbon of granite.
    • Spring has sprung, and as the first flurries of fleecy lambs pranced giddily about the fields, we two-legged beasts took heart at the warmest March in 40 years by whipping off the layers.