Traducción de flex en español:


doblar, v.

Pronunciación /flɛks/

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verbo transitivo

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    (arm/knees/body) doblar
    (arm/knees/body) flexionar
    • All these bones articulate with other bones and are able to make tiny interdependent movements, as well as bend or flex themselves.
    • Over the last few days I've been thinking about all the things I won't be able to do with the limb; flex my ankle, wiggle my toes, point my foot left and right.
    • As you flex your ankles, knees and hips, the angle of your front shin with the ground should match the angle of your spine with the ground.
    • As you initiate your turn your leg should be long with your hips up. Work the turn from there by flexing your ankles first then your knees next until you reach the end of your turn.
    • Bend the main joint, flex another smaller joint to propel the body forward, then stop the motion by repeating it again.
    • Exercising the calf muscles every half hour while seated by spending a few minutes flexing and rotating the ankles is also recommended to reduce the effects of stasis.
    • Throughout the match he struggled to unleash the ball in excess of 100 mph, and more than once he flexed the troublesome joint while grimacing in pain.
    • And yes, while the splendour of Holme oaks, Magnolia grandiflora, Acacia and Eucalyptus is undisputed, they must be allowed room to flex their limbs to best advantage.
    • I sat up slowly from my huddled position in the corner, flexing my pained ankle experimentally, and my movement caught the attention of my protector.
    • Land softly by flexing your ankles, as if you were in a second floor apartment and didn't want to wake your neighbors downstairs.
    • He listens to my belly, then takes me by the ankle, extending and flexing my hip.
    • Thanks to exercise classes, an eighty-something tests a newly replaced knee and another happily flexes both arthritic ankles.
    • She groaned as she flexed her right ankle, it figured, she'd twisted it when she fell.
    • He flexed his ankle, silently thanking God that it had held out thus far in the evening.
    • Sitting at one of the long plastic tables in the cafeteria, Chelsea Stanford takes the opportunity to flex her ankle a few times.
    • As you flex your ankle, knee, and hip, your core will fall forward.
    • Kel gingerly flexed the fingers of her right hand while her mind raced for an answer.
    • The boy gingerly flexed his fingers; testing out his healed hand… everything seemed fine.
    • Then flex your wrists to bring your fingertips toward your chest.
    • Gently flex your left foot and rotate your hip outward so that your foot is pointing to 11 o'clock.


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    cable (eléctrico) masculino