Translation of flick knife in Spanish:

flick knife

navaja automática, n.


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    navaja automática feminine
    navaja de resorte feminine Mexico
    • He pressed a flick knife to the neck of the shopper and threatened to cut his throat if he did not hand over his car keys.
    • He produced a flick knife with a five-inch blade from behind his back.
    • One of them pulled out a flick knife with a four-inch blade and the other demanded the pizza.
    • It was a pocket side opening flick knife, its handle made in green glass with a golden dragon embedded within it.
    • The latest headlines came earlier this week, when the former singer was handed a four-month suspended sentence for possession of a flick knife.
    • The research was carried out following an incident in a North Yorkshire school where a flick knife concealed in a lighter was confiscated from a 15-year-old boy.
    • Among the weapons police took off pupils from the two schools were a flick knife, tent pegs, half a cricket bat and a baseball bat,.
    • Police are warning shopkeepers they could face prosecution for selling cigarette lighters which also contain a hidden flick knife.
    • Police said she was approached by two men at 10.45 pm before one of them threatened her with what appeared to be a flick knife.
    • A terrified woman taxi driver kept her nerve when a male passenger pulled out a flick knife and demanded her takings.
    • Having been stopped by the police while driving a friend's car, he was found in possession of a flick knife.
    • Iona said she could not recall what raced through her mind when the mugger pulled out his flick knife.
    • She was stopped by a man who held a black handled flick knife to her throat and demanded money.
    • Here, a 58-year-old man was assaulted and tied up after four or five men, one of whom was armed with a flick knife and another with a metal bar, kicked in the door of his house.
    • ‘Hand over your bag’ a boy pulled out a flick knife and stepped forward.
    • A large flick knife was still gripped tightly in his trotter.
    • Then he reached into his coat, and took out a flick knife.
    • Every teenager became a potential Marlon Brando clone, complete with flick knife and cycle chain accessories.
    • The window and display cabinets are scattered with many flick knives, butterfly knives, samurai swords and machetes, plus an arsenal of air - powered firearms.
    • Mr. Torney said: ‘This is reminiscent of the flick knives of years gone by.’