Translation of flight in Spanish:


vuelo, n.

Pronunciation /flaɪt/ /flʌɪt/


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    • 1.1

      (of bird, aircraft) vuelo masculine
      (of ball, projectile) trayectoria feminine
      the history of flight la historia de la aviación / de la navegación aérea
      • in flight en vuelo
      • The skip pass completed, every defensive player moved with player movement and flight of the ball as dictated by the rules.
      • This basically means that there are no unnecessary moving parts in Tiger's swing, which has allowed him to control the trajectory of his ball flight better.
      • The releasing or rolling of the club head through impact ensures greater power and the ability to control the ball flight.
      • Going down under the defender's rush, Warner didn't see the ball in flight.
      • Further, his ball flight has gotten lower and more parabolic, things he says the Nike ball helps with.
      • Just keep firing the same motion and you'll see you are learning very powerful control of ball flight.
      • Chacon fired to first but the ball got lost in flight on its way to first base.
      • When the ball is in flight, he has a history of attacking it and making the big play.
      • Bell is particularly imposing when he launches himself into full flight toward a ball carrier.
      • In its path of flight, the ball began to take the shape of a spire, and struck the beast directly in the chest, freezing it in its tracks.
      • The most common direction for errant ball flight is left to right - the slice.
      • A player who is not offside when his team mate sends him the ball or sends a free kick is not penalised for an offside if he runs ahead while the ball is in flight.
      • Gregor Townsend intercepted the ball mid - flight and raced away to score a crucial try that set up a Scotland victory not only in that opening match but in the Championship itself.
      • Wanderers took the lead in curious fashion when wingman Holden seemed to cross, but to the astonishment of the players and crowd the ball swerved in flight and hit the back of the net.
      • Examine the target closely, then look down to make sure the clubface is aimed exactly on the line where the ball will begin its flight.
      • That action results in an aggressive, penetrating ball flight, sending the shot directly at the target.
      • Thus emerged a natural solution: use a high arm action to give the ball enough flight in order to pitch it further.
      • The wind was less strong but still enough to manipulate the ball in flight.
      • La Louvière appealed against the result as the ball had burst in flight.
      • Whenever a ball caroms off one player and goes into the hands of another player, the ball remains legally in flight as long as it doesn't hit the ground.
      • We were being processed for flight by a talking orange.
      • But in every generation, it seems, they try, remembering not the fall, but the heady lift of flight, the eagle soaring by.
      • I crouched, sniffing and listening, every muscle poised for flight.
      • As part of the Centennial of flight, the Ormand Flying Club is participating in the Young Eagles Program launched by the EAA in Wisconsin.
      • The fledgling landed, then began a careful advance toward the strange group, wings half open and muscles tensed for flight.
      • I pause to flex my muscles and prepare for flight in case some sort of ghost or troglodyte bursts out to eat our bones or whatever part of us a ghost might eat.
      • Two sets of opposed muscles drive her flight like pistons, faster than nerves can work.
      • I would compare it, not to the butterfly's flitting, but to the eagle's swoop and soar in flight.
      • The flight of an eagle is a beautiful thing to watch: wings outspread, gliding and dipping, effortlessly riding invisible currents.
      • At this point, it was blank, the flat screen only showing Krys's personal emblem, an eagle in flight over a galloping horse, on a field of sapphire.
      • They cover vast distances in an almost effortless gliding flight, sometimes swooping so low that the tips of their long narrow wings actually shear the waves.
      • Like an eagle in flight, the law is only stable when it moves.
      • More impressive still is an eagle in flight, when its utter immensity seems almost prehistoric.
      • In flight, the swift is easily identified by its characteristic scythe-shaped wings, and it's screaming calls.
      • They are swift in flight, but are more commonly seen roosting or foraging on the ground.
      • The camera is riveted on them, showing backs, heads and necks in never-ending flight.
      • The contract was awarded to the Wright brothers and the military's journey into the era of flight began.
      • By studying the flight of birds and insects they hope to gain some useful tips that they can transfer to their design.
      • The birds, especially, would sit on the lawn in shock for a while, then suddenly remember the art of flight and flee as fast as they could.
      • However, industry analysts believe that orbital flight will become a reality once suborbital flight is successfully established and seen to be profitable in the long term.

    • 1.2(air journey)

      vuelo masculine
      we had a good/bad flight tuvimos un buen/mal vuelo
      • Flight YZ321 to/from Paris el vuelo YZ321 con destino a/procedente de París
      • Those travelling on scheduled flights should contact their airline.
      • Rutan said the spacecraft would be safer than early commercial airline travel, and flights would not be limited to the young and superfit.
      • The deals include return flights with Continental Airlines from Gatwick and a stay at the famous Golden Nugget hotel.
      • Eventually they were offered an alternative flight with another airline and their journey began on Monday.
      • The cost includes return flights with Delta Airlines, accommodation and the tour.
      • Santana went from minor league bus rides to charter airline flights in one move.
      • The plane was on a return flight from an outing in which the couple swam with dolphins close to their luxury resort.
      • The all-expenses paid trip includes return flights and accommodation in our luxury penthouse apartment in Guadalmina.
      • By the way, Richard, before we take our next call, how much has all of this affected flights on your airline to the United States?
      • The project recently completed its first balloon flight, in the process setting a duration and distance record for balloon flights.
      • We will escort you to the boarding area for the next flight to Canada and process your tickets there.
      • On 17 May 1928, a small aircraft, leased at five shillings per mile, took off on the inaugural flight of the Flying Doctor.
      • He it was who, in the 1850s, persuaded his reluctant coachman to make the first gliding flight in history, across the valley at Brompton.
      • I travel frequently and have never been so uncomfortable nor felt so unsafe flying as on this flight.
      • Whatever the result, it will certainly help you feel relaxed and prepare you for your short flight home.
      • When we compare the present life of man on earth with that time of which we have no knowledge, it seems to me like the swift flight of a sparrow through the banqueting-hall where you are sitting at dinner on a winter's day.
      • When Concorde lands for the very last time at Heathrow this afternoon, nearly one hundred years after the Wright Brothers' first flight, the future will be over.
      • But the riddle of what became of the prized bird during his epic flight is slowly being unravelled.
      • It is a very special moment when such magnificent birds make their first flight.
      • For instance, larger species may migrate in longer flights than smaller species for ecological reasons beyond the scope of my inquiry.

    • 1.3(mental)

      it was just a flight of fancy no fue más que una fantasía

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    (of birds) bandada feminine
    (of aircraft) escuadrilla feminine
    he is in the top flight of physicists está entre los físicos más destacados / prominentes
    • This is a region dotted with Chotts, lakes and salt marshes that expand and subtract with the seasons, attracting vast flights of birds as well as herds.
    • A flight of birds flew up through the sky, frightened of whoever was there.
    • Some of these dances represented the caribou hunt; others might portray a flight of birds or a battle with the weather.
    • Though each side had fewer aircraft and smaller flights, the combat was just as deadly.
    • Fortunately the second aircraft in the flight missed the wires completely, possibly by flying under them.
    • Whenever the weather cooperated, FAS sent flights of aircraft to hit the British task force.
    • On each side of the nose is painted a rather generous unit badge with the flight's nickname of Banners.
    • Four flights of four RAAF Mosquitos would follow as the second squadron.
    • There have been operational support flights before but never a squadron of this size.
    • There were only two flights strafing and the second section called to see if they could start strafing.
    • Next were two Air Force Hercules followed by two flights of Hornets, four in each flight.
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    (of stairs)
    tramo masculine
    • They made their way up to the fourth floor via a creaky flight of steps.
    • She walked around the ground level looking for the flight of stairs that led to the second floor.
    • Muketsu, the first in Chizome's line, climbed the short flight of stairs and stepped to the front of the altar.
    • I finally thought to get off on the fourth floor and descend a flight of stairs, only to find that a custodian had roped off that end of the third-floor hallway for mopping.
    • Victoria collapsed and fell down the last few steps of an internal flight of stairs on Monday morning.
    • I struggled up seven floors, fourteen flights of stairs, on my walking stick to the rooftop sculptures of Casa Batlow.
    • Without effort she ran silently up the four flights of steps to Senator Montgomery's floor.
    • If you are feeling lazy, and the prospect of climbing the flight of 800 steps to the monastery is too daunting, you can always choose to take a donkey.
    • It was difficult for her to climb the flight of steps to the podium.
    • We climbed down a flight of steps into the steamy depths of the earth where the spring still spouts at 46 degrees C.
    • He lived on the middle floor, only two flights of stairs and no lift.
    • Three large bedrooms lie off the spacious landing at this level and a small flight of stairs leads to a fourth bedroom.
    • Curiosity took the better of me as I stepped the flight of stairs up into the dandy store.
    • He said he has a huge struggle to climb the six flights of stairs up to his flat on the second floor.
    • I went down a flight of stairs to level three, the guys' dorms.
    • Lisa stepped off the flight of stairs and smiled at Danny, waving goodbye to Megan's mother.
    • We walked down the stairs very slowly, taking each flight together, keeping in pace with each other.
    • I turned and fled down the first flight of stairs and stopped outside the door to the 9th floor, breathing heavily.
    • As she ascended two flights, a weight settled in her stomach, accompanied by a mounting dread.
    • The stairs ascend in three flights to a wide hallway on the second floor, which gives the house its name.
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    • 4.1(act of fleeing)

      huida feminine
      • Among the wildlife in headlong flight is a scorpion.
      • The twenty-eight year old poet was theoretically en route from Milan; in reality he was in flight from an England which was still agog at rumours of his lunatic behaviour.
      • True historical breakthroughs, in which the defender is shocked into inaction or headlong flight, are almost impossible to achieve.
      • Fischli and Weiss are known for their use of humble stuff that is in headlong flight from rareness and highness, and these photos were no exception.
      • It is likely though that his low intelligence would have made it more difficult for him to cope with the tragic death of his son and contributed to his flight from reality.
      • The flight from that reality strikes me as a more profound pathology than the reality itself.
      • Henry disengaged himself from his flight and resignedly returned home.
      • The months of fear and flight had left an imprint of homelessness.
      • The migration of former slaves to the Midwest during the Civil War was a flight toward freedom as well as an escape from the violence and chaos of war.
      • These stairs were broader than the others they'd ascended in their flight.

    • 4.2Finance

      fuga feminine
      the flight of capital abroad la fuga de capitales al extranjero
      • No investor flight has happened yet, but hot money can leave the region as fast as it roars in.
      • They signal capital flight by Western investors, I have not yet noticed, but then, I cannot keep an eye on everything.
      • Here the response to currency devaluation and capital flight would be to impose further cuts on social policies and further constraints on the poor.
      • The disciplining economic feedback mechanism of currency devaluation and capital flight was suspended by decree during the Asian crisis.
      • The deep fall in shares and the increasing flight of capital warns of a catastrophe for the economy.
      • Another macro-level event that affects companies and investors is the flight of capital and devaluation of exchange rates.
      • Most are running huge current account deficits, and capital flight out of the countries is significant.
      • There were no job losses or flight of capital, and this summer Denmark took on the presidency of the EU.
      • True, the progress so far is minuscule compared with the problems created by decades of capital flight, abysmal schools, and drug abuse.
      • But the decision has not ended the inflow of speculative capital, or ended the risk of capital flight if the investment bubble collapses.

  • 5

    (on dart, arrow)
    aleta feminine
    pluma feminine
    • The standard clock-face became established in the late 19th century, and paper flights to fit the darts were patented in 1898.
    • Believe it or not, you can buy flights for darts that come complete with the smell of stale beer.
    • In fact it suggests to us nothing less than a set of plastic dart flights.
    • We had trick shots with Jamie throwing the darts flight first and Alan on his knees finishing doubles to the delight of a good crowd.
    • My preferred method of getting a flight out of the way of an incoming dart is for the flights to pop off easily on contact.
    • Well, if there was one specific, component of a dart, that affects the control, consistency and accuracy of shooting a dart more than anything else, it would have to be the flight!