Translation of fling in Spanish:


lanzar, v.

Pronunciation /flɪŋ/

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transitive verb flung, flung

  • 1

    (throw violently)
    (stick/ball/stone) lanzar
    (stick/ball/stone) tirar
    (stick/ball/stone) arrojar
    (stick/ball/stone) aventar Colombia, Mexico, Peru
    he flung the window open/shut abrió/cerró la ventana de un golpe
    • she flung a jacket around her shoulders se echó una chaqueta en los hombros
    • she likes to fling her money about le gusta tirar / despilfarrar el dinero
    • she flung the book aside apartó el libro
    • the chance of a lifetime and you fling it away una oportunidad única y la tiras por la ventana / y la desperdicias
    • she flung back the curtains corrió / abrió las cortinas
    • he flung down a challenge to them les lanzó un reto
    • we flung ourselves (down) on the ground nos tiramos / echamos al suelo
    • she flung off her coat se quitó el abrigo rápidamente
    • he flung his arms around her neck le echó los brazos al cuello
    • the protesters were flung into a cell echaron a los manifestantes en una celda
    • she flung herself into the task se metió de lleno en la tarea
    • he flung himself down into an armchair se dejó caer en un sillón
    • she flung herself at the first man who came along se echó en brazos del primer hombre que se le cruzó en el camino
    • Yet they cannot stand the heat of scrutiny, nor even some of the mud they throw being flung back at them.
    • Stones and debris had been flung up on to the grassy area.
    • All of the members of the Melody crouched, throwing their hands over their heads to fling away the flying debris.
    • Guests are enthralled with bartenders who flip bottles, toss some glasses and fling a few mixing sets.
    • The boots were next to go, and those were flung in different directions with dull thuds.
    • The troll flung these in every direction until the present was laid bare before him.
    • Landing by Sabetha they grabbed her shoulders and flipped her over flinging her against a tree.
    • Azyra snapped out of her trance just in time she scrambled away from the light just before it silently detonated with enough force to fling her from the fire escape.
    • His head spinning, the impact of the collision threw Tobias from his spot on the ladder and flung him against the other bookshelf.
    • Ken arrived at the front door, which had always denied his presence and flung him back forcefully if he dared touch it.
    • With that, he flung Bort over his shoulder and threw him against a wall.
    • She flung the two pieces at Stella and threw the scrapbook on the floor.
    • When he had flung those, another two formed and they were thrown as well.
    • He is thrown backward and his rifle has been flung out of his hand.
    • The books I had were opened and flung far across the room.
    • But any comet daring enough to pass close to Jupiter gets flung out in a new direction.
    • Billy was then flung back to when he was twelve years old, visiting the rim of the Grand Canyon.
    • The creature roared again, and Aligore was suddenly flung to the ground.
    • She looked like a limp doll, contorted and abused and violently flung aside.
    • Without gravity, we would be immediately flung into outer space at l, 000 miles per hour.
  • 2

    (glance/insult) lanzar
    she flung him a look of hatred le lanzó una mirada de odio
    • to fling sth in sb's face echarle algo en cara a algn

intransitive verb flung, flung

  • 1

    she flung out of the house/room salió furibunda de la casa/de la habitación


  • 1 informal

    • 1.1(love affair)

      aventura feminine
      • She has had five serious relationships the rest have all been short flings, one-nighters and so on.
      • He didn't understand how some people could just want flings and other short relationships just for the sex.
      • It appears like you're looking for a fling or a casual sexual relationship, but it's not that simple.
      • One more bit here: she has a history of cutting off short flings and then not seeing those people again.
      • I've had a few short flings in that time, but the most recent was two years ago.
      • I don't care if they were cringeworthy flings or epic romances, or a little of both; that's beside the point.
      • I had a few flings in college, more sexual partners than he did, and he has a problem with this.
      • If a long-lasting relationship develops out of the fling, so be it.
      • Adam and Louise had enjoyed a brief fling in the past and there was still an attraction between them.
      • As the film's title suggests, however, theirs is a summer fling.
      • Their affair is just a summer fling, he tells his mother - nothing serious.
      • Or was it just one last fling before your wedding night?
      • Her pregnancy is the result of a brief fling with ex-husband, Gavin.
      • I'd hate this to be a one-night fling.
      • I had a little quick one-night fling during our hiatus, and I have to admit that I enjoyed it.
      • His extra-marital flings were always famed.
      • "Casual flings can be very, very sweet, Nadia."
      • Did Julie think that this was just a casual fling?
      • I'm just a casual fling on the side?
      • I even had a few wild flings with a couple of nice guys, but things always seemed to go south when it came to relationships.

    • 1.2(wild time)

      juerga feminine informal
      to have a fling irse de juerga
      • he decided to have one last fling before settling down decidió echarse una cana al aire antes de sentar cabeza
      • Again, we have a wild fling, in which the supplies of the last year are consumed.
      • But a funny thing happened this week: in our final fling for the year, the props came pouring in from all over, and suddenly, this whole enterprise doesn't seem quite so otiose.
      • Saturday's point gives them added insurance against a final fling from George Burley's Tractor Boys but even the ever-optimistic Holdsworth is playing it safe.
      • He is satisfied with his lot even if the rot will set in soon and the freshness is pure deception lasting no longer than cherry blossoms tossed on snow when north winds are enjoying their final fling.
      • As far as memorable moments go, the final fling of the Westmorland Orchestra concert season promises to be a real gem in the ensemble's diamond jubilee year.
      • It's trick or treat for Halloween, the last night of summer on the last night of the month, traditionally the time when the spirits of the dead are allowed a final fling before winter sets in.
      • Performance coach Meg Ritchie is delighted that Liz has come out of retirement for a final fling at an arena close enough to ensure a sizeable contingent of home fans will cheer her to the echo.
      • For Yorke, who is now 36 years old, it was a final fling for both him and his illustrious friend.
      • He then had a spectacularly-unsuccessful stint as coach of a poor Lakers team in 1994 before his final fling as a player in 1996.
      • Although no-one knew it at the time, the 1993 tour was to be the last of the old school, the final fling of an amateur era extending back for a century and more.
      • The inspection fitters said there had been some talk of a get together among the workers - a final fling as a group of workers.
      • All the indications are, though, that this is his final fling.
      • What was unexpected, amazingly, gloriously unexpected was the way the game's elder statesmen had one final fling.
      • Tottenham wooed him again, in 1997-8, for one final fling.
      • Grain prices took their customary nosedive after last year's brief upward fling.
      • But if you're looking for a game that'll be more than a weekend fling, look elsewhere.
      • While most trips last one or two weeks, everything from a weekend fling to a monthlong sojourn is possible.
      • Jeb's story is a quieter one, more of the daily routine of life than of the weekend flings.
      • Besides, the spring fling at the Fairgrounds forgave everyone and everything, rain or shine.
      • Except good sense tells me I should enjoy this last fling, and by all means see Montana.

    • 1.3(try)

      to have a fling at sth intentar algo
      • we all had a fling at it todos lo intentamos

  • 2

    lanzamiento masculine
  • 3Highland fling

    baile escocés